Cookie & Privacy Statement

Here we go. It’s not text in legal English, but in my humble opinion a good cookie and privacy statement should readable by non-lawyers anyway.


Cookies & 3rd party scripts generally are only used when it’s both need and you clicked something that needs it or consented to it.


This page itself doesn’t require cookies. However, since people are so adamant about convenience some cookies may used to store user settings and the fact you have accepted this Cookies & Privacy Statement at all. If you haven’t accepted it there’s no cookie stored. If you later decide to remove the cookies you can use the button below.

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Google Analytics (3rd Party Script)

If accepted, Google Analytics is only used to measure the number of visitors on this page. If you later decide this is not what you want please use the button below to disable Google Analytics on the page.

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Facebook Comments (3rd Party Script)

The Facebook Comments Plugin can be activated on suitable pages. Commenting requires accepting this Cookie & Privacy Statement and a Facebook account. On activation of the Facebook Comments Plugin you also agree to the Facebook Data Policy. If you don’t agree simple don’t click on the activation link, but then, you know, no commenting and no reading other people’s comments. Activating the Facebook Comments Plugin also stores a cookie that enables autoloading of the Facebook API on suitable pages. If you later decide to disable the autoloading of the Facebook API you can use the button below.

If you want your comments deleted, please do it yourself. I can only hide them. Note, this is a limitation of the Facebook Comments Plugin itself.

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