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Shopping in Tamilu Town Ⅱ

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“Sure, we’ll do that. We’ll be back evening then. See you later.”

“See you later.” Matt and I leave the armour shop and meet up with Hector and Kat. At least, we try. Since we didn’t plan on meeting halfway, we have to find them first.

About noon, we finally find the two them at the grocer.

“Kat! Hector! There you are! How’s is the shopping?”

“Swift! Matt! I found some good ingredients! I just finished here.”

I smell something sweet. I get closer to the counter.

“Hmm, something smells sweet… I know it’s mead! Fruit mead!”

“Oh, you have quite a sensitive sense of smell! This mead is called the Berry Juice of Life. We just got this.”

What a name! But then, even in the Old World people do call their meads creations by all kinds of spectacular names. I just love mead! That hasn’t changed since before I have come to this world. And as medivial times, there’s no law that forbids me from drinking, despite I’m technically underage.

“I see. I’d like to have a dozen barrels.”

Hector looks at met with a shocked expression. It seems like he wants to say something, but reconsiders and stays quiet.

“Sure, a dozen barrels make XX0 (ten gro tendo) credits.”

It’s quite some money but I want it! I pay with a big silver coin.

“Here, you are. You can keep the change.”

I put the barrels into my storage. We leave the store.

“Hector, earlier, you looked like you wanted to say something.”

“I wanted to stop you from buying too much. But you were practically drooling so I didn’t.”

“I was?”

“Yes, you were. Anyway, how did your shopping go?”

“We ordered two gloves. They should be done by the evening.”

Since there’s nothing left to do until evening we return to the inn and spend a relaxing day in the lounge. In the evening, all four us go to the armour shop.

“Good evening!” We are greeted by Desmond when we enter.

“Good evening! If that isn’t grandpa Desmond!”

Grandpa Desmond?

“Hector! Nice of you to drop by! I see you have come of age! I didn’t realize you were friends.”

“You already met Swift and Matt. Swift is a Champion of Eisal, just like I am!”

“You both are Champions? I see. Let me introduce myself again. I’m Desmond Inigo. I’m originally from Eisal Village. I used to be a Champion of Eisal but I’m retired now. So instead of adventuring, I now deal with equipment. Pleased to meet you.”

“Since you already know the other three, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Kat, I’m Matt’s older twin sister. Pleased to meet you.”

Desmond hands us our falconry gloves. They are a perfect fit. I try to take a gold coin from my storage.

“No need for the extra money,” Desmond says. “After all, it is for a Champion of Eisal and their companions.”

So is it this what Hector referred to as support from the village?

“Thank you very much.”

“Don’t sweat it. I’m just interested, what’s your current rank?”

“We became Silver-5 some days ago.”

“I see. So will you be going to dungeon nearby?”

“We were planning on it. But we have some other quests to take care of first.”

Desmond nods in approval.

“That’s a good idea. Many kids try the dungeon too early.”

“Is is that dangerous?”

“No, it’s not. The monsters aren’t that dangerous. It just takes a while until people get rescued when they fall for traps… and if rescuing takes too long they starve.”

“That sounds awful! Why does it take so long?”

“Because people try the dungeon too early!”

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