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Shopping in Tamilu Town I

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Since we don’t have anything to do today, we go shopping. I’m with Matt. I want to get a falconry glove. Matt wants to get one as well. We enter an armoury shop.

“Good morning!”

“Good morning! How can I help you?” We are greeted by a very middle-aged man.

“Good morning, I need a falconry glove sturdy enough for this guy.” I point to Raiden on my head.

“By Suscellu! Is that a Thunder Hawk?”

“Yes, it is. There’s no need to worry about me growing out of it. Also,” I gesture towards Matt, “I’d like one for him as well.”

“I get one myself, Swift!” Matt protests.

“I know, Matt, but this is for teaching me about falconry. It’s just natural I should pay for it.”

“I understand, but still, this is for me as well. So I’m paying for it!”

“Fine, you win, Matt.”

“I should have something usable leather for that. I’m sorry to ask, but can you really afford it? I just have to be sure since your size is not in high demand, especially with the material you requested.”

“I understand. How much money are we talking about?”

“It’ll be 60,000 credits for the two gloves made from Tough Gianttoad leather. If you something need tougher leather I’m afraid you have to hunt for it yourself.”

Wow, that’s quite a price! I turn to Matt.

“I’m not familiar with prices, is that a reasonable price?”

“It’s Tough Gianttoad leather. It’s not rare, but it’s very sturdy. In fact, it’s so sturdy only few people can work with it. I think one gold coin for a custom made glove is a reasonable price.”

I take one long gold coin from my storage and put it on the table.

“How about this as advance payment?”

“Thank you very much. Let me get your measurements.”

While taking my measurements the armourer asks: “Is there any particular reason there’s no need to worry about you grow out of it? You aren’t short on money, I get that. But Ailurantropes your age grow up quite fast. I think it’d be quite a waste of material if you could only use the glove for a few months before you need to replace it.”

“I haven’t grown the last two years, I’m half-Chitwer.”

“Oh, I see.” The armourer falls silent.

“Is something the matter?”

“Hmm, you definitely are a strange one. Half-breeds usually have it hard, since they aren’t accepted in either community of their parents. So touching on that I would expect to find myself in an awkward atmosphere.”

“So I have been lucky. I was raised by Humes.”

“I see. Well, that being said, I’ll make it exactly fitting for you. I’m done with taking the measurements. So now the other one.”

“For me, I’d like straps so can keep using it for longer.”

After taking measurements, he tells us when we can get our order.

“It should be done by this evening.”

“That fast?”

“I only need to adjust existing ones. Besides, no many people come here. The equipment I sell is not cheap. It’s a little late for introductions, but my name is Desmond.”

“This is Matt and I’m Swift. We’re here in Tamilu Town for a few days before we go back to Fudala Town.”

“I see. I like to think in both Fudala and Tamilu Town, I create the best equipment. So if you have some material you want to make equipment from you can bring it to me.”

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