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The Adventurer Guild in Tamilu Town

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The next day, at breakfast, I notice Mat looks very tired. I wonder what happened.

“Is something the matter, Matt? You look tired.”

“Nothing much, after the guards came yesterday night, Kat had just been telling me off, for several hours straight. You’re lucky, she lets you off with just letting her pet your ears!”

“I see. Though I’m not sure if that’s any better.”

After breakfast, our party makes its way to the Tamilu Adventurer Guild. Raiden takes a lift and sits on my head.

Upon entering the guild, the receptionist immediately catches my eye. She looks just like Lynette, just with different clothes.

While queuing, I ask our group: “Don’t you guys think that clerk looks a lot like Lynette?”

Kat answers: “Yes, they look identical. It’s just Lynette usually wears pink.”

“I still don’t get how my older sister makes her pink outfits work. I prefer green.”

It’s our turn. Apparently, the receptionist overheard us talking.

“Good morning, I’m Harriette Taru. Call me Harry. Lynette is my older sister. You guys must be from Fudala Town.”

“Good morning! Yes, we are. We came to Tamilu Town for a delivery job. We also have a letter for you. It’s quite a surprise, Lynette only said to deliver this letter to this branch.”

I hand her my guild card, the quest document and the letter Lynette gave us. Harry opens the letter and quickly reads it.

“I see. I put the reward for the delivery into your party’s account. I assume you will be staying here for a week or two?”

“That was our plan.”

“Great. Do you already have a quest in mind you want to take?”

“No, not yet. I prioritized getting that letter to you.”

“Hmm,” Harry nods, “we are currently in need of a lot of Lozi. You can’t mistake it for another plant. But not many adventurers in this town go collect it since going to the dungeon is said to be more lucrative than doing the boring gathering quests here.”

“We also planned on going to the dungeon…”

“You do?” Harry looks at me with puppy eyes.

“…later. So… I’m not familiar with Lozi, can you show me a sample?”

“Of course!” Harry runs to the back. I turn to my party.

“Sorry guys.”

“Don’t sweat it, Swift. Besides, gather Lozi is also beneficial to us,” Matt answers.

Harry quickly comes back with a plant that looks like a dandelion.

“You don’t need to be careful about how you get them. These tend to grow like weeds. But we’re willing to buy as many stems as you can bring. Just like other guild gathering quest, you don’t need to accept it beforehand. You can just bring the herbs you collected to the guild and sell them to the guild. You can also gather the herbs while being on another quest.

The only exception to that are cases where the guild cannot provide suitable storage space or if a client places a big or urgent order. In those cases, you both need to take the quest and need to hand in the items to the client. From what I hear, Fudala Town doesn’t have many guild gathering quests.”

“I see.”

“While we do try to standardize things, each branch has its own quirks. I guess Tamilu Town has a second building near the dungeon entrance. That being said, after reading Lynette’s letter, I would like to recommend a certain quest to you guys.”

“Please tell us more.”

The quest that was recommended to us was a surprise.

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