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Returning to the Puppy's Cry and More Banter

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We see off the guards and make our way back to the Puppy’s Cry.

“Come to think of it, how did you get Raiden to follow that guy?”

“I used to do falconry. After you left him with me I just tried doing the same things I do when training a falcon. Raiden is quite obedient.”

“I see. He definitely earned a treat today. You know, I was wondering if you should get a falconry glove for Raiden. But hearing about this I have decided to get one. I hope, you can show me how it works.”

“Hmm, I think you need to order one custom made. We’re talking about a Thunder Hawk, after all. And you’re a Chitwer. But sure, I’ll teach you.”

I inquire about the item Matt used earlier.

“You showed the guard something. I thought you wanted to keep that a secret!”

“I did but I was so angry I kinda forgot.”

“You’ll be the one to tell Kat then.”

“Do I have to?”

“Well, the guards will be coming later, aren’t they?”

“You’re right.”

We arrive at the inn. Kat and Hector are waiting for us in the lounge.

“We’re back! The thief was caught. The city guards are currently taking care of it.”

“Good job! The delivery was completed successfully. No surprises here.”

Hector hands me the documents.

“The guards will be dropping by later. They ought to return the money at that time as well. Since they needed a place to report to we also told them we’d be staying here. I’m sorry to have decided that without you.”

“You are our party leader, Swift. It’s OK! Let’s get our rooms then.”

“And I just happen to have two two-bedrooms that I can give you at a discounted rate.” The proprietress of the Puppy’s Cry joins our banter.

“By the way, I’m Anna. Thank you both, for chasing after that guy.”

“Don’t worry about it. He’s already got embezzlement charged against him. The victim was another inn in Fudala Town. I just chased after him because of that. I didn’t know he stole your money.”

“That’s quite a bold move getting job at another inn after leaving the other inn”, Kat adds.

“Grant only noticed the clerk embezzling money after he overheard us talking about our troubles with the inn fee,” Matt explains.

“Grant doesn’t strike me as the type to report something like that to the authorities,” Anna interjects.

“Oh, you know Grant, Anna?”, I ask.

“Yes and no. Before he retired and decided to run an inn, he was quite a known adventurer. But he’s too kind! He isn’t likely to report something small like embezzling money from his inn to the authorities.”

“He didn’t, but I did.” We all look a Matt. “I mean, he was very mean to our party leader just because Swift happens to be an Ailurantrope. So I’m being mean to him. Even morally, I not doing anything bad. Crimes should be reported, after all!”

We burst out in laughter. We get our rooms and I retreat to my room early. Even though the full moon has given a lot of excess energy, I’m wiped after staying awake for two days straight. I drop into bed and instantly fall asleep.

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