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Chasing a Thief Through Tamilu Town

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I run outside to see what’s happening outside. I see the clerk running away carrying several bags. He’s being chased by Matt and Raiden.

The proprietress stands next to me, she’s fuming with anger.

“So that’s why that bloke was nowhere to be seen!! He stole the money from the safe!”

That guy’s record is getting longer… embezzlement and now theft. I should do something. Too bad he’s already out of sight. Or it would be, but Raiden is chasing him as well. And with the Familiar Contract, I can exactly tell where they went.

“Hector, can you take care of the delivery? I’m going after that guy!”

I hand Hector the papers.

“OK. Just don’t overdo it.”

“Tell that to the thief! That guy doesn’t seem to be the reasonable type. He might provoke Raiden. It that happens Raiden might roast him alive!”

“In that case, he had it coming. Everyone knows not to provoke Thunder Hawks. Though it would still be a hassle.”

“I agree. Tailwind!

After increasing my speed, I chase after them. With a minute I have caught up with Matt. The thief is nowhere to be seen.

“Swift! You’re here! Sorry, I lost him. He just vanished in those winding alleys. It’s way too dark.”

“Don’t worry, Matt. Looks like Raiden is still on his tail. I can sense where Raiden is. They’re moving North. Tailwind!

Increasing Matt’s speed as well, we run to the North. Near the Northern Gate, we hear the thief yelling.

“Help! I’m being chased by a rabid bird!”

Raiden is not a rabid bird! Though you running away like that does make him think of you as prey. We see him running through the gate.

“That bird is not rabid! Why do you guys let a thief leave town like that? He stole the money from the Puppy’s Cry!” Matt yells.

Good thing he’s in visual range. I should finish this before someone provokes Raiden. I stretch my hand towards the thief. Vines growing and tangling his feet would be great!


The thief trips and falls. The guards finally seize him. The other guards come to us.

“I’m sorry. But I need you to come with us: that guy now claims you were threatening to rob him.”

“What other nonsense does he spout?! I have never been insulted to that extent!”

“Matt, please calm down!”

Instead of calming down, he pulls something from his bag and shows it to the guards. The guards immediately tense up.

“I’m sorry! Of course, please allow us to take care of this matter!”

Hector quickly stashes away the item.

“Thank you very much. Just for your information, he should have embezzlement charged against him as well. He embezzled funds from an inn in Fudala Town.”

“We will be reporting later. May we inquire about the location of lodging?”

“We haven’t decided yet. So where will we be staying, Swift?”

“Hmm, let’s stay at the Puppy’s Cry. I mean the guards will need to go there to return the stolen money anyway. I’m sure we can afford it.”

“You heard him.”

The guards nod. One of the guards turns to me.

“I know it’s none of my business, sir. But is that a Thunder Hawk?”

Oh, he calls me ‘sir’?

“Yes, Raiden is a Thunder Hawk. Raiden wouldn’t attack unless he’s provoked. I seem to be quite compatible with him.” I use my mental connection to call Raiden to me. Raiden decides to sit on my head again.

“I never thought I’d see one this close… How did you get him?”

So I told him how I contracted Raiden yesterday.

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