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On Our Way to Tamilu Town Ⅳ — Surprise in Tamilu Town

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Kat is the first to wake up.

“Good morning, Kat!”

“Yawn… Good morning, Swift! Eek! Is that a Thunder Hawk?!”

Woken by Kat’s scream, Hector and Matt instantly stand up, weapons drawn, ready to counter-attack.

“An attack? Where?”

“Did you say, Thunder Hawk?!” Matt views darts over the area searching for the hawk. “Where?! I can’t see it!”

“Raiden is sitting on my head, Matt.”

“Oh, it’s on your head…”

Matt and Hector let down their guard.

“Good morning, Swift.”

“Good morning, Hector, Matt.”

“Wait… Raiden?” It seems Matt is finally awake. “Did you tame that Thunder Hawk?”

“It just happened. I tamed it while it was eating the leftovers of yesterday’s dinner. So credit should go to Hector.”

“Me? I still don’t know how the contract with Silber works. Unlike you, I don’t have the Familiar Magic Skill.”

Matt shakes his head in disbelief.

“I’m not sure if this is a surprise anymore. What’s next? A Fire Eagle?!”

“Wait, those exist? Is there an ice bird as well then?”

“Yes, there is Ice Jay. Just for your information: those three birds are said to be almost untameable. You’d need to have Familiar Magic at least at level ten (X) to pull that off.”

Oh, well. The cat is out of the bag. I quietly put my Familiar Magic in my public profile to level eleven (E).

“You’re right, my Familiar Magic is level eleven (E).”

“Even if you say so… I have a feeling you’re not telling the whole story.”

Yes, I know. I’m way too overpowered! I do like the twins. But I can I already trust them with telling them my real level?

“Is that so? You’ll hear the rest when the time is right.”

“Alright… I’ll not pry, for now. Though I have my guesses.”

“Wait, my brother is being patient? Who are you what did you do to my real brother?!”

Matt hastily whispers something to Kat. I can’t hear what they’re talking about. But I guess it’s about me. Kat’s face brightens up. I wonder what’s their guess about me is…

After feeding our Plumel, we clean up the camp and start riding towards Tamilu Town again. By evening, we arrive in Tamilu Town. We show the guard our papers and are let in. We make our way to the recipient of the delivery, an inn called the Puppy’s Cry.

The Kitten’s Purr, the Squirrel’s Squeak, the Puppy’s Cry… are those inns related? Or is this just a common thing to name inns like that?

Since I’m the party leader, I leave my familiars to the others and enter the building alone.

“Good evening! I’m one of the adventurers from Fudala Town. We have a delivery for you.”

“Good evening!”

Upon seeing me the clerk froze. That’s a surprise: it’s the clerk that left the Kitten’s Purr! He might be racist, but I have to stay professional here. Since he’s not reacting. I inquire:

“Would you get the proprietor? Or am I expected to hand you the delivery?”

Finally, he reacts.


He hurries to the back. After quite a while, a gorgeous woman comes to the front.

“Good evening! How can I help you?”

“Good evening! I’m one of the adventurers from Fudala Town. We have a delivery for you. I think the clerk already went to get the proprietor.”

“That would be me. Though I haven’t seen the clerk. How long has he been gone?”

“Hmm, it has been quite a while.”

At that moment, loud noises from the outside could be heard.

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