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On Our Way to Tamilu Town Ⅱ — Magic Space

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Since everyone is sleeping let’s start creating the Magic Space! I close my eyes and recall my magical plane 1. A galaxy comes into my view. In the centre the “hole” glows in a silver shade, around there are several different coloured spirals coming out in all spatial directions. I need to create my Protected Space in this plane.

I need to imagine what features my space should have. It’s an empty space. Time should flow just like it does in the world outside. The space should have gravity just like the world has gravity… It should have fertile soil like the world has fertile soil… and air just like the world has air… and weather… just like… No, I don’t need a copy of the forest. This is disconnected from my surroundings! I specify the rules. I want eternal temperate climate spring weather! The soil should be deep enough for tree roots to grow. Excess water in the soil should just vanish. The “sun”, it’s just a fixed light source that has the same properties as the sun, should shine and darken in daily intervals just like the real sun rises and falls.

Yes, this is the image I’m going with. As for dimensions, let’s start with twelves meters in height. That should be more than enough. Enough for some trees. Magic rain doesn’t need real clouds. As for the horizontal dimensions, make it variable. Just let it grow with the amount of Mana I put in. I create the space. I can feel it slowly growing. Oh, I still have a lot of energy. Let’s put in more Mana! And more! My feeling tells me it’s grown to about the size of a village. This is more than a good start. But I still have so much excess energy! Let’s change the expansion so the height grows as well. It grows. After making it grow to the size of two villages I stop. It grew too fast! The space is destabilizing. I need to stabilize it fast or the space will dissipate into nothingness.

I put in Mana to the boundaries of the space to stabilize it. Slowly the space stabilizes. That was close! But still, it’s a success! I open my eyes. It seems my log agrees.

Magic Space

You have created a Magic Space.
Please give it a name: ________________________
OK Cancel

I name it the Evergreen Forest. My legs feel numb. I’ve been sitting for quite a while. In my peripheral vision, I see the time. It’s almost morning. So I did spend almost the night creating the space. I should walk around a bit. Standing up after sitting so long is hard but somehow I manage it. Good thing I wasn’t sitting cross-legged! I walk around inside the Protected Space. Oh, my legs are coming back to life! It burns. I have been sitting for way too long!

Suddenly, I feel this sensation. Something has forcefully entered my Protected Space! I look around. But I can’t find anything amiss. Did I imagine that? I feel something in the air to the right of me getting closer to me fast. I look to my right to see what it is. It’s…

  1. Magical Plane see Chapter 1-14 

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