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On Our Way to Tamilu Town Ⅰ — Preparing Camp

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We leave on our Plumel. Alfred and Silber have better stamina so they pull the wagon. The road we ride on leads through the forest. After riding for several hours I notice the forest slowly changes. The more we ride the more conifer can be seen.

“What kind of town is Tamilu?”

“It’s a mining town. The climate there isn’t suitable for crops. They don’t grow there at all, so they have to rely on trade for those.”

As always, Matt seems to be well informed.

“They’re also surrounded by mountains. Many rare plants and creatures can be found in those mountains. Aside from that, there’s also a dungeon near the town.”

“A dungeon?”

“Yes, it’s an easy dungeon. It’s mostly bats and insects of varying sizes. But sometimes you can find valuable stuff in treasure chests in the dungeon.”

“Sounds interesting. Maybe we should drop by while we stay there.”

“But first, we need to make camp and prepare for the night.”

After collecting material and building the campfire, Hector lights it using magic.

Fire, in my hand, to purify. Fireball!

I bring out Hector’s cooking utensils from my storage. Persuading Hector to let me store his cooking tools hasn’t been easy at all. He’s quite proud of his cooking skill. In the end, he has only agreed because he has collected quite a lot of high-quality tools. Most of it has been given to him for cooking food in the Kitten’s Purr.

After finishing yet another hearty dinner, it’s already nightfall. The moon is already shining bright. I guess no sleep for me tonight.

“It seems we have a full moon tonight. I’ll take care of night watch. I can’t sleep tonight anyway.”

“So you’re a Moon Wanderer Ailurantrope, after all? I wasn’t sure since your features are all over the place. Guessing from your amber eyes, I would have guessed you were a Sun Whim Ailurantrope,” Matt asks.

So there are differences?

“Moon Wanderer? Sun Whim? I never heard of that. I didn’t grow up among Ailurantropes. I haven’t met one for ages.”

“Oh, you didn’t?”

“No, Swift is half-Chitwer,” Hector interjects. Thanks for stepping in, Hector!

“I see. Moon Wanderer Ailurantropes typically have dark fur and bluish eyes. Sun Whim Ailurantropes typically have light fur and reddish eyes. But only Moon Wanderer can’t sleep on nights with a full moon. Instead, they even become restless from Mana Intoxication. How do you cope with that?”

“Well, after setting up a barrier for you I’ll be keeping myself busy with creating a Magic Space. It’s a taxing process after all. So some of my excess energy can go into that. Not all of it, or else I’ll be sleeping all day tomorrow. I just hope it’ll be a success.”

“Make it a big one! That way if things aren’t that great we can put our Plumel there.”

Kat already has great expectations.

“Kat, you do know if he were to die, they won’t be able to get out again?!”

Hector is right. Though unless something crazy happens it shouldn’t be a problem to us in that regard.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

I take out the sleeping bags and give them to the others. After that, I stretch my hand up and imagine a simple barrier against monsters around all of us.

Protected Space!

A gentle light appears in my hand growing until it envelopes all of us. After it stops growing it slowly fades.

“Did it fail?”

“I don’t think so.”

Hector tries walking away and hits his head.

“Oww! Nope, the Protected Space is here. You just can’t see the walls. Alright then, I’m off to sleep. Night!”



“Good Night!”

Everyone else goes to sleep. Time to get to work!

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