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We Are Promoted to Silver-5!!

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Arriving at the Adventurer Guild Lynette is already expecting us. As always, she’s sitting on the counter.

“There the four of you are! Your party has met the requirements to be promoted to Silver-5. I need your guild cards for a bit.”

“Wait, didn’t we just become Bronze-9 the other day?”

We hand her our Guild Cards nonetheless.

Lynette continues in a low voice. It seems like she’s about to drop a secret.

“Actually, the difficulty increase from Bronze-X (ten) to Silver-5 is similar to the increase from Silver-5 to Silver-4. We just artificially keep new adventurers in the Bronze ranks until we’re convinced they’re ready. You haven’t been slacking off so this should be OK. Since I decided on your promotion I’m now responsible for you guys. If you slack off, I might need to demote you for your own protection.”

“Also,” Lynette continues in her normal voice “there’s a quest I’d like the four of you to take.”

She hands us our silver Guild Cards and the quest description in question.

“It’s a transportation quest. You just need to transport goods to the inn in Tamilu Town. I hear all four of you have your own Plumel. So you can make use of them for this quest.”

If it’s just transporting goods I think I can do that alone with my Storage Skill.

“It would be nice to do a quest with all four of us again.” I share my thoughts with the others.

“I agree. We’ve split up for last few quests.”

“But what about the Cat’s Purr? Wouldn’t Grant be in trouble without Hector?”

“No, Grant finally managed to hire a new chef. I’ve just been helping out the last few days because I have some free time. I also learned a lot from the new chef. Though that chef keeps pestering me to become his apprentice.

“You can leave in a few days. After all, it takes two days to reach Tamilu Town. So you would need some supplies. And since you’re already there you should take some quests there as well. Just to gain more experience.”

“Let’s take this job then.”

A few days later while the twins talk to the client, Hector and I buy some supplies. I say we buy supplies. But I still have two weeks worth of supplies in my Storage, one week since we’re now double the people. We’re just here to buy fresh stuff to cook and eat. Plus, we need lots of normal food for our Plumel. It seems Licorice has just kept eating because Hector’s food is so good. As if it were a goldfish! It hasn’t eaten anything today. Analyzing it has confirmed my guess: it has overeaten. So it’s should be OK after one or two days of only water. To avoid this happening again we’ll be limiting the treats to once per week and giving them regular Plumel food. I can already see their reaction to this. Don’t look at me like this!! This is just for own good!

Coming back from the shopping we tell Grant we’ll be leaving for a quest and be returning in about a week or two. Since we’ll be staying there for some quests as Lynette has suggested. Lynette also has handed us a letter to give to the guild branch in Tamilu Town.

With all our preparations done, we set out for Tamilu Town the next day.

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