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How to Train a Plumel — Licorice

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A few days later, Swift and I leave town. We leave quite late. Swift doesn’t tend wake up early. In fact, he only wakes up early when one of us is about to wake him with a bucket of cold water. Apparently, his Danger Detection Skill wakes him before we have a chance of doing that. Not that waking up has saved him from Matt splashing him with cold water. Though Matt has left their room that day soaking wet from cold water as well. Apparently, Swift has summoned water with magic to retaliate.

Anyway, Hector has is a part-time job as a chef and Matt has taken another quest on his own. Swift leads us to a lawn and motions to me to sit down next to him. Like Matt has told me, Swift puts down a slice of cake before us.

“I have had Hector prepare some of this Meki Cake.”, Swift whispers. “And now we wait for the Plumel.”

After a while, a flock of Plumel approaches us. Most of them eye the cake and leave. They don’t seem to be interested at all. All but one single black Plumel. It charges in and greedily devours the cake. Suddenly I end up with another slice of Meki Cake in my hand.

“As expected it seems to be an advanced variant… Offer it that cake.”

Before I can even offer it the cake it has already run to me. To my relief, it doesn’t bite my hand despite greedily eating the cake.

“Now, pet it. Make it your friend! When you have to the feeling it wants a name, name it.”

I reach out but the Plumel doesn’t let me pet it. But it looks at me expectantly.

“I think it wants more cake.”

“I agree. Here, I have a whole cake.”

After offering it two more slices of cakes. It finally lets me pet it.


Is it me? This feeling, I must be imagining things… No, Swift says it might happen. Determined, I look at the Plumel.

“Licorice, I name you Licorice.”

“Looks like it’s a success.”

Suddenly, I feel sick. This is even worse than riding a speeding carriage!

“Urghh. I feel sick.”

“You gained about twendo (20) levels.”

“So this is levelling sickness?!”

Matt hasn’t told me about this! Though it does sound ridiculous when you think about it. Gaining twendo (20) levels just by feeding a Plumel some food and giving it name.

“Yes, it is. Just rest for a while. Though you seem to handle it better than Matt did.”

After resting, we make our way to town. After stopping several times to feed it. Swift makes small crumbs from the cake and lays a path.

“Maybe this way we’re faster,” he says.

It does seem we are faster. At least Licorice just eats while we slowly continue to walk towards the town and we don’t have to stop. After paying the town entry fee, the guard comments: “That one seems even more gluttonous than the last one!”

When we finally arrive at the inn, Matt just has come back from the Adventurer Guild.

“Wait wasn’t today your first try? It took me days!”

“Well, let’s say it’s expected. They seem to have gotten used to us. This Plumel seems to eat even more than Marshmellow does.”

“Really? I thought that’d be impossible! Anyway, great timing! Lynette said she wanted to see all four of our party.”

I wonder why. I put Licorice into the stable with the other Plumel while Swift gets Hector. And we make our way to the Adventurer Guild.

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