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Banter About Plumel

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We make our way back to town. Or at least we try. We keep stopping to feed Marshmellow.

“Your quite a hungry one, Marshmellow! This is your sixth slice of Meki Cake already! What’s the matter with you, Swift?”

Swift looks like he’s deep in thought.

“Hmm, I have the feeling only certain Plumel species can be contracted like this. You know, the regular yellow ones just ignored the food you offered. But the one that came and ate was an advanced variant. When we went out to tame Silber is was the same.”

“I still think this is crazy. Taming Plumel just by feeding them.”

Wait, how does he know this is an advanced variant? Does he have an Analysis Skill? If yes, he might already know…

“How do you know it’s an advanced variant? Do you have the Analysis Skill?”

Swift slightly panics. His face definitely says ‘I messed up big time!’. Even though he seems full of secrets he seems to be quite careless about them.

“Yes, something similar to that. Don’t worry, I won’t be telling anyone about your secrets. That’d be really rude of me to do.”

So he knows. But he doesn’t act differently. Maybe he’s just respecting our secrecy.

“Even to Hector?”

“Hector would definitely scold me if I just blurted secrets of other people out like this. He’d say something like ‘You need more common sense, Swift!’”

“I see. Thanks for keeping quiet.”

“Anyway, I think the only reason why it works is Hector’s food. His food is just superior.”

“How do you know?”

“Several from our village tried. Only one person succeeded and that person got Hector to cook something for him to try taming.”

“I see.”

We continue to walk towards the town. When we arrive at the inn, Kat becomes furious upon seeing I got my own Plumel.

“Matt, why? I want to have one, too! You should have invited me! You as well, Swift!”

“But Kat, what about your part-time job at the inn?”

“Grant has already found a replacement. So I can take a few days off.”

“OK, I can help you with your Plumel next. Please calm down!”

That moment Kat flashes a devious smile.

“I will, on the condition that you let me pet you.”

Swift hesitates. He’s actually panicking.

“Yeah, sure you can. Later? In private?”

“No, now!”

Dejected, Swift slowly walks over to lounge and sits down. He puts his arms on the table and hides his face between the arms.

“Go ahead.”

Kat pets him. He starts purring. I can barely help myself from laughing. So that’s the reason why he doesn’t like it. Does he think it’s embarrassing? If yes, I imagine he’s turning red right now. Suddenly, I hear him snoring. Did he fall asleep?

“I wanted to see what the ruckus was about. So you got Swift to let you pet him?”

Hector just has come in to check the situation.

“Well, looks like he fast asleep now. You better carry him to our room, Matt. He won’t be waking up till dinner. Unless you want to wake him with a bucket of cold water.”

“When I see him like this I can’t help to think he’s cute sleepy kitten.”

“I agree.”

“So do I. I’ll carry him to your room.”

“Great, I’m going back to the kitchen.”

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