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How to Train a Plumel — Marshmellow

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“So what spells were you planning on working on?”

“Nothing much; just preparing a Magic Space.”

“Just a Magic Space?! You know, you and Hector really keep surprising me. Considered your level, that’s somewhat to be expected though. But even then, you do know mastering regular Protected Space is already a big thing with your age? Not to mention Dimensional Storage!”

A regular Protected Space is basically just a barrier. By putting in more effort more features can be added, like different climate. By putting it into its own dimension I can bring the space everywhere I want to. Wait… considering my level? How does he know? Oh… wait, Hector must have told him! Just to be sure…

“You know about our levels? I see Hector told you.”

“Yes, he did. Though he didn’t really say what happened. All he said was some craziness ensued.”

“For our coming-of-age rite, we were supposed to hunt a Black Boar, like today. It just turned out to be a Saber Fanged Black Boar. Left with no choice, we bombarded it with Magic like no tomorrow. Is was pure luck we survived that day.”

That’s the version Hector and I decided to tell if anyone ever asked.

“So that’s why you said that before…”

“Yeah, it’s been the worst time of my life. Though after living through that today’s hunt just seems easy.”

“I agree. Anyway, I wanted to ask you about your Plumel. Was it hard to tame them?”

Ah! Yeah, let’s tell him. It could boost their levels if we got them their own Plumel.

“Not really, there’s just a trick to that.”

“A trick?”

“We didn’t force Familiar Contracts on them. We just persuaded them to form a contract with us.”

“Wait, how is that any different?”

“You’ll see. If you want to, we can try getting you a Plumel. You want to have one yourself, don’t you?”

“We can? Just like that? Yes, please do.”

Matt’s eyes lit up.

“Just give me a few days do prepare. I’ll tell you when everything is prepared. Just train yourself until then.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

A bit later, Grant, Hector and Kat return from the guild and we eat dinner. The boar is quite good. The berry wine does quite harmonize with the boar. Grant tells us that particular brand of wine is only sold in limited quantities each year.

A few days later, Matt and I leave town. I lead Matt to a lawn and motion to Matt to sit down next to me.

I take a slice Meki Cake from my storage and put it on the ground. Hector had prepared some cakes for this in his tree time.

“And now we wait.”

After a while, a flock of Plumel approaches us. They eye the cake and leave. They don’t seem to be interested. After three hours, another flock of Plumel approaches us. After eying us for an hour or two, only one white Plumel charges in and devours the cake. That’s quite a surprise! I quickly take another slice of cake from my storage and give it to Matt.

“Offer it that cake.”

Matt holds out his hand to offer the cake to the Plumel. It doesn’t seem to be interested.

“Did it fail?”

“You need to be patient. Let’s just come again tomorrow.”

We try for several days. On the fourth day. The Plumel finally eats from Matt’s Hand.

“Now, pet it. Make it your friend! When you have to the feeling it wants a name, name it. If it doesn’t happen, we need to come again.”

After the Plumel finished eating, Matt looks expectantly at the Plumel.


“Marshmellow. Do you like the sound of it?”

There’s activity in the log.

“Looks like it’s a success.”


You gained 6,000,000 EXP.

“Suddenly, I feel sick.”

“Check your status. You’ll be surprised.”

Bewildered by my response, Matt takes out his guild card and looks at his status.

“Level fourdo-six (46)? That’s twendo (20) levels!! So this is levelling sickness?!”

“Yes, it is. Just rest for a while. I’ll keep watch.”

Come to think of it, both times with Hector’s and Matt’s Plumel we didn’t receive as much EXP as I did when contracting Alfred. Was there some special circumstance that gave me extra EXP? The logs are so old now I can’t recheck. It seems like log has a limit of 24 hours.

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