Idle Banter in the Kitten's Purr

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“Oh, I was waiting for this. Can you bring it to the back for me? Yawn! By the way, I’m Grant, the landlord.”

So this is the proprietor of the Kitten’s Purr. He seems to be somewhat sleepy.

“Of course!”

We follow Grant to the back. We hand the boars and the truffles to the staff. Grant then signs and stamps our documents.

“You just go and report to the guild. There will be some excellent dinner tonight.”

When we arrive at the guild another clerk is waiting at the counter. Upon seeing us he leaves to back. Lynette comes to receive us. Apparently, she was called. We hand in our documents.

“Another job well done.”, Lynette says. She hands me today’s pay, 13,000 credits.

“Isn’t this a bit much?”

“No, it’s 6,000 credits per boar. Plus, 3,000 credits for the truffles. The innkeeper signed for extra pay.”

“I see. Thanks again for recommending the job.”

“It’s nothing. The innkeeper came this early morning and your party just happened to be the first party to match the requirements. Plus, Hector and you are from Eisal. You’re quite likely to have Sucellu’s Blessing. I figured you would have it easier gathering truffles.”

“Grant seemed to be tired.”

“He is like that all the time. That’s why he usually leaves everything to his staff.”

“When we went there, he was at the counter. I wonder what happened with the clerk…”

“Oops, I think that might be my fault. When the proprietor came this morning, we happened to have some Smalltalk. I think I let slip that clerk being rude to our most promising new adventurers. Grant isn’t the type of person to let people for just like that. So I think the clerk left on his volition after being told off by Grant.”

“Is that OK?”

“Well, that clerk made his own choice. Besides, I simply stated the truth. The four of you are our most promising new adventurers. If you’re worried about this, please continue to work diligently to prove our hopes weren’t wrong.”

So that’s what happened. After the conversation, we leave the guild and return to the inn. Grant has a very troubled look.

“Good evening! Is everything OK? You seem worried.”

“Good evening! I’ll think I’ll manage, but I’m not against idle banter. We’re just understaffed: my wife is too pregnant to work. Usually, that’s not a problem, but today, two of my staff quit. The food for today is made by the chef the leaves tomorrow. But I don’t know how I can possibly handle it starting tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. The issue you experienced with the clerk might have been the trigger, but it’s definitely not your fault. He refused to apologize to you. As for the chef, I simply can’t find a suitable replacement.”

“Maybe we could help!”

“Can any of you guys cook?”

“I definitely can’t, unless you need something so disastrous it can kill people. But Hector is a good cook. Hector, what level is your Cooking Skill again?”

“You should know it’s level ten. Oh never mind, it’s level eleven now.”

Hector is right I should know it. But I’d rather not reveal me being able to analyze. Besides, it’s just part of my Menu and not the Analysis Skill. Hector shows Grant his Guild Card. Suddenly, Grant is broad awake.

“Level eleven? At your age?”

“I just happened to like cooking.”

“I’d be a great help if you could fill in until I find a new chef. I’ll file a request for you at the guild!”

“In that case”, Kat interjects, “how about having me at the counter? You need two people, don’t you?”

“Sure. But what about the other two of your party? As much as want to hire all four of you, I only have funds for two hires.”

“Matt and I could just take some other minor quests in town. Even in the very off chance we don’t find anything, I could use some time off to work on my spells. Though 10,000 per night is quite a sum we need to earn.”

“10,000? The suite you use should be only 6,000 a night! That damn guy! It seems he took half of the money for his own pocket… While I can’t refund your money I can give you the room for discounted rate of 4,000 a night during your stay.”

“I’m happy for the offer, but is that OK?”

“No problem. It’s a given. It’s not often I get people from Eisal staying in my inn.”

“What’s so special about us?”

“It’s common belief, you bring good luck when it comes to food and drinks. You can call it coincidence, but just yesterday, I got quite the rare liquor that goes well with boar meat. That’s why I requested boar meat. We can have some later. First drink for the four of you is on the house of course.”

“In that case, we’ll accept your offer.”

“Seems like that’s settled. Let’s go to the guild immediately. You can both start tomorrow.”

Grant, Kat and Hector leave for the guild. Matt and I are left back in the lounge.