The Black Boar Hunt

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The next morning, we go to the guild again. Lynette is already waiting for us.

“Good morning! Are you here for a quest? I think I have the perfect quests for you.”

Lynette leaves for a second and comes back.

“How about these two: hunting a Black Boar and gathering truffles. You can find truffles where boars are about. The quests have just come in. The client is the same person for both quests. It’s the proprietor of the inn you’re staying at. The black boar was last sighted to the east of the town.”

“I have this strange déjà vu.”, I mutter to myself. I look to the others.

“This should be easy! We take these quests. Thanks for the Recommendation.”

“Here are the documents. By the way, try not to use Fire or Lightning Magic on the boar. It’ll most likely ruin the meat.”

We leave for the eastern gate.

“Are you sure we can hunt this Black Boar?”, Matt asks.

“It should be OK. Hector and I have hunted a Black Boar before. I just hope, the same thing as last time doesn’t happen this time.”

We formulate a team strategy: Hector draws the boar’s attention and lures it to Matt. Matt defends himself and Hector with his shield, while I shoot it with arrows. Kat supports us with Magic. In case Matt can’t hold on anymore Hector uses his Dig Spell to distract the boar while we leave. Although I sure both Hector and I should be able to solo a regular Black Boar already, we still use this strategy for team building. If anything goes wrong, we’ll just act accordingly.

Light of Earth, enhance and fortify. Reinforce Armor!

Light envelopes us. This spell increases our defence.

Compared to when we were faced against the Saber Fanged Black Boar there’s no pressure here. It almost feels boring. The boar already dies after being shot with a few arrows. Hector cuts its throat. He and Matt hang it to let the blood. While waiting, Kat and I gather truffles in the area.

“I wonder, why are truffles where you can find boars?”

“It’s the other way around: you can find Boars where truffles are. Boars eat them. They have an excellent smell of smell. They can smell truffles hidden on the ground.”

Suddenly, I feel danger approaching fast. Immediately, I stretch out my hand towards the approaching creature.

Vacuum Sphere!

The approaching creature turns out to be another Black Boar. It seems to struggle for a half a minute and falls to the ground. No noises could be heard.

Kat who is with me reacts first.

“What on earth was that Spell?! Swift just soloed a Black Boar with Magic!”

Hearing Kat yell, Matt and Hector both rush to us.

“What happened?”

“Oh, there you two are. We got surprised by another Black Boar. Wasn’t supposed to be only one? Anyway, can you take care of it? It’s not dead yet, it has just fainted. Due to my spell, its lungs are ruptured, so it needs to be processed as fast as possible.”

Kat and Matt are frozen in awe.

“I used one of my original Spells, Vacuum Sphere. I just created an airless space around the boar. It suffocated and fainted.”

“Original Spell?”, Kat is shaking her hear in disbelief.

“Yes, I did tell you I have an affinity for Space Magic, didn’t I?”

“So why didn’t we use that to hunt it?”, Matt asks.

“Well, as an effect it completely destroys the lungs, making it harder to process. Plus, it’s really taxing on my Mana. I wouldn’t rely on it that much.”

The last part is only partly true. It has only been taxing because I have been in a hurry to cast the spell. With an incomplete image, the Mana costs skyrocketed.

After a moment, we continue gathering truffles. In the afternoon, we return to the inn. For some reason, Matt and Hector decline putting the boars into my Storage. They insist on carrying the boars themselves. Arriving at the Kitten’s Purr, we are greeted by another person. The clerk from before was nowhere to be seen.

“Good afternoon, we took both the gathering and hunting job at the Adventurer Guild!”