Rabbit Stew with Running Mushroom

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Just as luck would have it, our two groups arrive at the guild at the same time.

“How was your quest, Kat?”

“It was a big success. We got even some bonus!”

“We did get some bonus as well. And as you see we got lots of good quality rabbit pelt.”

“How about having Swift store it for now? It’d make good material for winter coats.”


I put all the pelt into my Storage.

We enter the guild and hand Lynette our documents. Lynette stares at the documents, then us, then the documents again. Finally, she snaps out of it and continues as if nothing has happened.

“I confirm the completion of the quests. The clients were very pleased. Can I have your guild cards, please? Let me record the completion of the quests on your cards.”

When we get our cards back, Mat immediately notices something is off.

“Why are we already Bronze-9?”

“The gathering quest was completed four times over. The hunting was completed twice. With both receiving excellent evaluations, those quests are counted twice. So you have cleared twelve (10) quests, which is the condition for the first promotion.”

Lynette hands us the reward money, 3,000 credits. As expected, this is not even close to enough money for the daily lodging.

“Also, 100,000 credits have been deposited to account of your party.”

Matt approaches me.

“100,000 credits? How did you…”

“We found some Shiny Mara!”, Kat answers for me.

Hector claps me on the back. “Nice, we found a Running Mushroom! I assume you still kept some of that Shiny Mara, didn’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Great, now we just need to borrow a kitchen.”

“In that case why not use the one here in the back of the guild?”

The Guild Master joins our conversation.

“We can?”

“Sure, I have something to discuss with the four of you anyway.”

We move to back of the guild.

I hand Hector two of the Shiny Mara. Hector begins preparing a stew in the kitchen.

While sitting in the resting area, I ask the Guild Master. “What did you want to discuss with us, Guild Master?”

“Well, I was planning on talking with you after your first job anyway. But I hear, you managed to get promoted with one single day. I hope you don’t start taking the quests too lightly and fail because of it!”

“Please rest assured! We’ll continue to take the quests seriously. After all, if it wasn’t for the extra money we made we’d have to reconsider our lodging options.”

“That’s good to hear. Since we’re already here how did the four of you meet?”

We tell him about how we met yesterday and how the clerk acted towards me. The Guild Master sighs.

“I never thought there’d still be people like that in our town. Too bad, I can’t help you there directly.”

“You don’t need to. Swift handled it perfectly.”, Kat adds.

“I was oblivious to it, you know.”

“That’s why you handled it perfectly.”

“Why are you staying at the Kitten’s Purr? That is an expensive inn after all. I would have guessed you are staying at the Squirrel’s Squeak.”

Hmm, I wonder do all inns follow the name scheme animal plus their noise?

“For Kat and I, we come from a richer family. When left to become adventurers, our parents made us promise to stay at that inn until we’re at least Silver ranked. Of course, our parents have given us some money for that. Though, I’d rather use the money we made ourselves instead of relying on our parents’ money.”

“Swift and I happened to tame some rare Plumel, so the guard recommended that in to us. We were given some starting capital so we can afford it for now, but still, without the bonus, we earned today it might become hard staying there.”

Hector brings in the stew. As always, it smells delicious.

“Oh, that smells great! What is it?”

“Rabbit Stew with running Mushrooms and Shiny Mara. Would you like to have some, Guild Master?”

The Guild Master’s jaw drops.

“According to Hector, Running Mushrooms aren’t that uncommon in Eisal Village.”, Matt explains to the Guild Master.

“Even so,” he Darwin mutters, “to use such prime medicinal ingredients as food…”

“We just have a lot it.” I help Hector with distributing the stew. After that, we eat.

“This tastes way too good! Even at the cas…, I mean, in the capital you don’t get food this good!”

“Now I see why you told me it’s not worth selling the Mushroom.”

“I agree, this is really good. Though, as far as I know, Hector can make anything tasty.”

“I’m glad to have you in our party! Would you mind taking care of cooking when we’re camping?”

“Of course not! I’ll gladly do it. Just do keep your expectations down.”

After putting some of the stew aside for the guild clerks, I put the rest of the stew into my storage. I’m quite sure the Plumel will enjoy this later!

After we finish eating, the Guild Master continues our conversation.

“As I said this morning: if you work diligently you will reach Silver soon. So your money troubles should be gone by the time you get there.”