The First Quest Ⅱ — Hunting Rabbits

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We move to an open field. I try to chase after rabbits but with no avail. The only one in our party with a bow is Swift. But he’s with Kat gathering herbs. Even if this our first quest how are two swordsmen supposed to be hunting rabbits? I let out a deep sigh.

“What’s the matter, Matt?”

Since we have arrived, Hector hasn’t moved a bit. Why doesn’t he move?

“I just don’t see how we’re supposed to catch these rabbits. Those critters are way too fast.”

“When I was younger they adults told me: if you’re not fast enough, you have to use traps!”


“Well, I’m not good with traps. So I just kill them instead.”

As if it was a demonstration, Hector strikes once with his sword. A rabbit falls to the ground. Hector has beheaded it in one single strike. He picks up the rabbit and ties its leg together with a rope.

“Why are doing that? It’s already dead!”

“You need to let out the blood. That way, the meat will be tastier.”

Hector hangs the rabbit. Blood slowly drops to the floor.

Earth, displace to my will. Dig!”

A big hole appears where the blood drops to the floor. So he can use Earth Magic!

“Blood might draw predators close so I’ll be closing that hole after we’re done.”

Hector turns to left and strikes again. Another rabbit dead. Doesn’t he use a two-handed sword? How is he so fast? It slowly dawns on me. What level is he?

“I just realized, I never asked Swift and you about your levels.”

“Oh? Swift’s and my levels are in the 50s. Some crazy things happened during about coming-of-age rite. With those levels, we were practically predestined to become Champions of Eisal Village.”

“50s? That’s about double the level Kat and I are. Are you OK with having us low levels with you?”

“Why not? You’ll be catching up soon. Besides, after sparring with you I’ve decided I’d rather have you guys around then some random people just because of their levels. I was just lucky to survive through the craziness that happened during the rite. So having those levels isn’t something I feel I have earned. I’m looking forward to working with you guys.”

“Is that so?”

“I imagine Kat and Swift having a similar discussion right now. That guy is really conscious about people leaving him behind because he’s too strong. I hope everything goes well over there. If not I guess I’ll have to console him.”

“Oh. You really care about Swift, don’t you?”

“Of course. He’s my best friend. He might be strong, but sometimes completely clueless. Forcing him to be our leader should make him feel more secure about himself.”

After trying for a while, I finally manage to hit a rabbit. At least, I think I have. When I look closer, it’s a mushroom. I have cut it in half.

“Oh, you have cut a Running Mushroom!”

“Running Mushroom? I have read about them. Aren’t those really rare?”

“Not really, near Eisal Village, you see them running about in autumn. Maybe I should make a mushroom stew from this one…”

Making stew from Running Mushroom? Those are said to be prime medicinal ingredients! I have heard rumours about Eisal Village. And I know he’s from that village, but this is just too crazy!

“Trust me, it’s worth not selling these.”

In the end, Hector is the one that slew all our rabbits. We have 21 of them. We bring them to the food stall. The owner is very pleased with the meat and stamps the document for extra reward money. The stall owner quickly dismantles the rabbits. Hector keeps the meat of one rabbit. We receive the fur of all the rabbits we hunted. We make our way to the Adventurer Guild.