The First Quest Ⅰ — Gathering

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As we discussed, only Kat is currently with me on our first quest. Roka grows practically everywhere where forests meet lawns so we enter the forest nearby.

“30 leaves shouldn’t be that hard, let’s gather more.”

I use my sickle to cut a few leaves from a Roka plant and put it into my storage.

“Why aren’t you taking more?”

“If I take more from a single plant it dies. If it dies, next year this place might not have any those anymore.”

“I see.”

She starts cutting Roka leaves just as I have shown her.

While gathering Roka, I notice several pure bright white Mara.

“Oh, those are quite fine Mara!”

“What makes them so special?”

“I was taught, the white the colour, the more potent it is.”

This one is so white, it’s basically glowing! I quickly analyze it.

Item: Shiny Mara

Mara is a general-purpose ingredient use to enhance smaller healing medicines. It is generally used for creating ointments for bruises and lesser wounds. This variant can be used to catalyze any healing, even healing by magic. When not used as a medicinal ingredient, it enhances the taste of any meal.

This plant can be cultivated.

I have read about Magic Space in Eisal. But I haven’t tried getting one yet, I think I’ll create one when I have more time. Basically, a Dimensional Protected Space can be a private pocket dimension with all the features of the real world, like atmosphere, gravity etc. I can create multiple of those. So, I harvest some flowers and dig out one plant to put into my Storage so I can cultivate it later.

“Why did you take a whole plant with you?”

“Time doesn’t pass in my Dimensional Storage. I’m planning on cultivating it in a Magic Space later.”

Dimensional Storage?! But that would require a mastery-level of Space Magic Skill!”

Oh, damn! She is suspicious of my true abilities. I definitely can’t tell her about that, yet! Let’s play it down for now.

“It’s not much, I just happened to have a good affinity with Space Magic.”

“Just good affinity? There’s no way you can gain that level of Skill with just good affinity!”

She’s quite persistent. I guess, there’s only one way out.

“Well, some things happened. Things I’d rather not think about.”

I put up a pained expression.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize…”

Good, I managed to throw her off! But now she’s all gloomy!

“I just realized, I never asked Matt and you about your levels.”

“Due to circumstances, our levels are in the 20s.”

“20s? Hector and I are in the 50s.”

“That’s about double what Mat and I are. Are you OK with that?”

“Everything was just a coincidence. We were lucky to survive. Hector and I prefer having people our age around. So don’t worry about it! Besides, having high levels didn’t really help with that clerk at the inn.”

“No, it certainly didn’t!”

Kat starts giggling. It seems I got her mood back to normal.

In the afternoon, we have gathered about 100 Roka leaves. We go back to the town to get to the pharmacy. Showing the guard the quest document, we are exempted from the gate fee.

In the pharmacy, an old lady greets us.

“Welcome! What can I do for you?”

“Good afternoon! We took the gathering job at the Adventurer Guild. We brought 100 leaves.”

I show her the leaves.

“100? You did only take a few leaves per plant, didn’t you?”

“Of course, cutting more would kill the plants!”

She checks the plants we gathered.

“Yes, it looks like you did only gather leaves that are at least a reasonable size. OK, I’ll sign for four times completion and bonus for excellent work. I wished other newbies were as diligent as you are.”

I give her document, she signs it and stamps five times.

“Thanks a lot. By the way, while gathering, we stumbled upon a patch of these.”

I show her the Shiny Mara. Her eyes lit up.

“Oh, you guys found quite a rarity! I’ll be buying those at 10,000 credits per flower.”

“10,000? Isn’t that too much?”

“No, at the capital, they’d pay twelve times that amount! I can’t offer that much since around here, barely anyone can use those. So I’ll have to dry them to store them. But by doing that their effectiveness plummets.”

“In that case, we’ll be selling twelve of those.”

“Give me that slip again. I’ll give you the money via the guild. I don’t usually have that much money in the shop.”

Having said that she fills out parts of the flipside of the document and stamps it again.

“Thanks a lot.”

“If you ever find any medicinal ingredients. I’ll make a good price for you. See you again! Bye!”

We’re leaving the store.

“Thank you for your offer. Bye!”

“Let’s go to the guild and wait for Matt and Hector do finish their first quest.”