Registering at the Adventurer Guild Ⅱ

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After accompanying us to the reception counter, the Guild Master has the clerk issue our cards. The clerk puts bronze coloured cards with our names on the table and give us needles.

“I need a drop of blood on those cards to attune these cards to you.”

We do so. The Magic imbued in the cards make the cards shine for a brief moment. The clerk picks up the cards and hands them to us. When she glances at Hector’s and my cards, she looks shocked for a very short moment. She quickly regains her composure and smiles like nothing has happened at all.

“Is something the matter?”

“Nothing much. By the way, I’m Lynette Taru. I will explain how your Guild Cards work. With these, you can view your own status at any time. These can also serve as your identification. When showing it to other people you are the ones that decide what information is to be displayed. It’s common to hide everything but your name, your party and your level. Please don’t lose those! Reissuing them costs money depending on your rank but at least one Gold Coin.”

I look at my card. It seems to have the information I have put into my public profile. Our party name isn’t on the card. It’s probably not registered yet. I decide to ask.

“We have decided to form a party. We have decided to go with the name the Emerald Cloaks.”

“I see, who is the party leader? Usually, it’s the eldest or most capable person. Naturally, for fixed parties, you can choose someone else as well.”

“The eldest person in our group would be Kat. She’s a few minutes older than me.”

“That true, but I’m a girl. People tend to look down on me. How about Matt?”

“Are you sure? Hector is more level-headed than me. I noticed that when we were sparring earlier.”

“When it was just Swift and me, Swift handled the money.”

Hey, I only did that twice!

“This feels like passing the hot potato.”

Everyone’s looking at me. Oh, you guy’s aren’t really…

“Are you sure? I’m not that knowledgeable. I’m sure…”

“You can learn!”, the three of them interjected. Were they planning on pushing this to me from the start? I don’t think I can talk my way out of this. I brace myself.

“Are you sure?”

“We’re counting on you, Swift.”

The three of them give me a clap on the back.

“You guys… OK, I’ll do it.”

“Since that is settled, give me your Guild Cards for a minute for registering the party.”

After the clerk finishes processing our cards, she suggests us some quests.

“You can take multiple quests at once. It doesn’t matter who reports to the guild. While those quests don’t really require a party, but they still count towards the whole party. How about taking these?”

She shows us two quests. The first quest is gathering 30 Roka leaves and bringing it to the pharmacy. The second quest is hunting 10 rabbits and delivering the meat to a meat stall near the South gate.

“I have gathered Roka leaves before. I think I’ll opt for that.”

“Hunting rabbits with magic tends to ruin the meat, so I’ll come with you.”

“Yeah, Hector and I will be hunting the rabbits, then.”

“Sounds like a good fit, Hector is quite talented with handling meat.”

“So, you’re taking these two quests?”

“Yes, we do.”

“Then, here are the quest documents. Remember to have the customer sign and stamp them when you complete your tasks.”

We exit the guild and leave town through the south gate. Here, I give Matt and Hector their lunch boxes and we split up to finish the quests faster.