The Twins Join Our Party

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I turn around. Behind us are two people, a girl and a boy, both a little older than me. With their brown hair and identical attire, I assume they are twins. After quickly analyzing them, I accept their proposal.

“Good evening! Sure, I don’t mind.”

I take out one long gold coin and to pay for the suite. The girl follows up by adding one more.

“But that’s…” The clerk starts stuttering.

“Isn’t this natural?” The boy interjects. “After all, only the 4-bed suite is available. Or…”

“Of course!”

The clerk hurries and processes our registration. I wave to Hector to bring the Plumel to the stable. By the time Hector joins us at the counter, the clerk hands us our keys, sweating hard from panic. I quickly tell Hector about sharing the room with the twins. The four of us quietly go up to our room. Arriving in the room, the boy twin finally starts talking.

“Pardon my manners. I was so furious dealing with that clerk I totally forgot to introduce myself. I’m Matthew, call me Matt. Pleased to meet you. This is my twin sister Katherine.”

“Elder twin sister. Call me Kat. Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Swift. Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Hector. Pleased to meet you.”

“You see people like that clerk everywhere. Though this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone this openly hostile against Ailurantropes. Even if the law changes people are hard to change. I’m very sorry you had to experience this, Swift.”

“Wait, Matt, he was like that because I’m an Ailurantrope? I thought it was because I don’t look that affluent.”

Instead of Matt, Hector answers.

“Since that kind of open racism is banned by the kingdom and the churches I neglected to tell you about this. Some people have a deeply rooted disdain for none-humes. Even if it gets them into trouble those people are really hard to change.”

“I don’t get why some people are so adverse against Ailurantropes.”, Kat adds, “I mean you look so cute. Can I touch your ears? Please?”

“Please don’t. I don’t like it much when people do that.”

“Oh! You don’t?”

Actually, I do, I just don’t like purring each time that happens. But I’m not going to tell you that! Kat seems to be disappointed. Matt continues.

“Anyway, to make matters worse there are still fanatic groups that believe in hume supremacy. Those people can’t really be argued with. They say aren’t racist. Instead they claim to be merely concerned. Or religious. Not that the church supports them. Priests that support those groups are known to have lost their blessings. Instead of repenting they claim to be poisoned by non-humes or some other nonsense and even managed to get some innocent people killed. The gods were quite angered about that. I hear anytime one of those people touch a Identification Crystal it turns pitch black. The church is still debating if those people should be executed.”

Execution simply because a crystal turns pitch black? I should inquire more about Identification Crystals.

“So what do Identification Crystals actually do?”

“They visualize the blessings and titles people have. With a normal person, it would glow slightly in the colour of their patron deity. If you were to have committed a sin, like murder, the crystal would darken. So the fact a crystal wouldn’t just simply darken but turn pitch black is like the gods saying this person is even worse than simple murderer.”

Awkward silence. So even in another world such problems exist. At least the gods here seem to still have influence over the world by condemning people. Kat changes the topic.

“Since we’re already sharing the room, tell us about yourselves. Why did you come here to Fudala Town?”

“We’re from Eisal Village.” Hector answers. “As per our tradition and our designated role we’re here to become adventurers.”

Matt shows some interest. “So you’re champions of Eisal?”

“You know about it? Not many outsiders do.”

“Yes, I’ve have read about it once. So you’re here for the same reason as us. We’re here to become adventurers as well.”

Kat looks like she got an idea.

“Let’s go to the Adventurer Guild together! We could form a party!”

“Would that be wise?”

“From what I can see, Hector is a Broadsword User. You’re a Magic Rogue. Kat is a Mage. I’m a Sword and Shield User. I think that’s a good party composition.”

I’m surprised he could tell I’m a Magic Rouge. Come to think of it, my rings kind of tell everyone ‘I’m a Magic-User’.

Hector nods. “I agree.”

“OK. Let’s go together.”

With that, we are a 4-person party!