Departure From Eisal Village

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The next morning, I bring Granny to the village. Everyone meets at the gate to give us a send-off. The Elder gives us some final advice.

“So your journey begins. On your way to Tatilans, you should stop by Fudala Town. There, you should register as adventurers. Try not to stick out too much.”

“We’ll try our best. Though that’ll be hard with our Plumel.”

We all start laughing. A Gold Plumel and a Silver Plumel are bound to stick out.

“Let me thank you all for your help. I was here only for a few months but you make me feel right at home.”

“Do come and visit from time to time. That goes for the two of you!”



Hector and I mount our Plumel and ride off. We ride at a steady speed for several hours until noon and take a rest. The ride was unproblematic, even after leaving Avan Forest. The monsters seem to be avoiding us. After the lunch break, we continue riding and arrive at Fudala Town by evening. We get off our Plumel outside the gate. A guard greets us.

“Oh, new faces! Good evening! Who might you be?”

“Good evening.”

“Good evening. We’ve just set out from Eisal Village to become adventurers.”

“New adventurers? Oh yeah, I remember, that’s a tradition in your village. Congratulations on your coming of age.”


“Just to be sure, please touch this Identification Crystal.”

Hector touches the crystal. It turns green. It shows his name and age.

“Now it’s your turn.”

I touch the crystal. As expected, it turns green it shows my name and age.

“It’s 30 credits per child. Since by the kingdom’s law you’re still children till you’re dudoo (12).”

“OK, here are 60 credits.”

I pay the entry fee. I have enough money in my storage. Just some hours earlier Hector was asking me what items I have in my storage and told him about the Red Envelope, I still hadn’t used. Hector persuaded me to use it — that’s how we technically have more than enough money to use. But going with the Elder’s advice we decided to lay low. Only using greater sums of money when we absolutely need it.

“We need to look for a suitable inn. As you can see, we have some rare Plumel with us. So we need to splurge a little for better security. Can you refer us to one?”

“In that case, I’d recommend the inn to the north of the town: the Kitten’s Purr. It’s pricey, far away from the Adventurer Guild, but it’s safer there.”

“Thanks a lot.”

I motion to Hector I need to talk to him in private right now.

“What’s up?”, he whispers.

“Do I tip him for the information? Or is that considered bribery?”

Hector breaks into laughter.

“You need more common sense.”, he says his normal voice so the guard can hear. “It’s part of a guard’s job. You shouldn’t tip a guard.”

The guard rubs my hair saying “Thanks for the thought, kid, but as he says it’s part of the job. But if you insist, you can buy me an ale when I’m off duty. You are already old enough to be allowed to drink. Even if people of your village don’t get drunk that easily, do drink with moderation.”

We arrive at the inn the guard spoke of. It’s a higher class lodging in a safe area. When I get in, the clerk tells me the inn is already full.

“The last available accommodation is a 4-bed suite for 10,000 credits per night.”

The clerk is quite arrogant.

“You might need to look for something else that suits your purse!”

So to the clerk, we seem not to wealthy enough to afford this inn. I look at Hector who’s still outside with our Plumel to confirm what we do next. Hector nods. I’m about to get a Long Gold Coin (30,000 credits) from my storage when people behind us interrupted us.

“In that case, why not share the 4-bed suite with us?”