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Volume 02: Adventures in Sitnalta

Sleepy Catboy’s Adventures in and Around the Capital

Sleepy Kitten Volume 2: Cover Art
Sleepy Kitten Volume 2 Cover Art by Chordatal

Swift and his friend Hector finally leave Eisal Village to to become adventurers. Their first stop is Tamilu. There they meet a peciliuar pair of twins. Who are they? And how will they affect the journey of the two friends?


This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is merely coincidental.


  1. Optional Scripts Test Page
  2. Departure From Eisal Village
  3. The Twins Join Our Party
  4. Registering at the Adventurer Guild Ⅰ
  5. Registering at the Adventurer Guild Ⅱ
  6. The First Quest Ⅰ — Gathering
  7. The First Quest Ⅱ — Hunting Rabbits
  8. Rabbit Stew with Running Mushroom
  9. The Black Boar Hunt
  10. Idle Banter in the Kitten's Purr
  11. How to Train a Plumel — Marshmellow
  12. Banter About Plumel
  13. How to Train a Plumel — Licorice
  14. We Are Promoted to Silver-5!!
  15. On Our Way to Tamilu Town Ⅰ — Preparing Camp
  16. On Our Way to Tamilu Town Ⅱ — Magic Space
  17. On Our Way to Tamilu Town Ⅲ — Raiden, the Thunder Hawk
  18. On Our Way to Tamilu Town Ⅳ — Surprise in Tamilu Town
  19. Chasing a Thief Through Tamilu Town
  20. Returning to the Puppy's Cry and More Banter
  21. The Adventurer Guild in Tamilu Town
  22. Escort Quest Paperwork
  23. Shopping in Tamilu Town I
  24. Shopping in Tamilu Town Ⅱ
  25. The History to the Current Lozi Shortage
  26. Prisoner Escort Quest

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