1. Chapter 0: Prologue: The Bus Factor
  2. Chapter 1: Oh! I’m A Potato Cat!
  3. Chapter 2: Checking Out my Skills for the First Time
  4. Chapter 3: I Got Mail?!
  5. Chapter 4: Gold Kuikagel
  6. Chapter 5: Alfred Jodocus Kuikagel
  7. Chapter 6: I’m so Overpowered!
  8. Chapter 7: The Witch of the Divine Tree
  9. Chapter 8: Lesson Ⅰ: Keeping up Appearances
  10. Chapter 9: Lesson Ⅱ: Herbology Basics
  11. Chapter 10: Eisal Village and One Very Hyper Boy
  12. Chapter 11: The New Guy in Eisal Village
  13. Chapter 12: Rushing to Eisal Village in the Morning
  14. Chapter 13: Lesson Ⅲ: Lunch Duty and Affinity to Magic
  15. Chapter 14: Affinity to Magic — the Multicoloured Galaxy
  16. Chapter 15: Lesson Ⅲa: About Mana Perception and Mana Control
  17. Chapter 16: Our First Lesson in Magic!!
  18. Chapter 17: Lesson Ⅲb: Mana Perception
  19. Chapter 18: Currency, Time Units and Duodecimal Numbers
  20. Chapter 19: Lesson Ⅲc: Mana Manipulation and Talking About Skills
  21. Chapter 20: Lesson Ⅳ: Hunting with Archery and Traps
  22. Chapter 21: The Great Hunt
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  24. Footnotes

Chapter 0: Prologue: The Bus Factor

My boss has always said: “Properly document your project! Even if you haven’t finished it yet. You could get run over by a bus at any time. Whoever would inherit your project needs to able to carry on. Vash calls it the Bus Factor.”

“Me getting run over by a bus?! Before that ever happens I get to live in an RPG!”

And here I am. I’m about to get run over by a bus. I’m very sleepy after an all-nighter of heavy online gaming. I have been grinding for my new legendary weapon in the latest MMO installment of a popular JRPG series. A few minutes after midnight I have told myself: just a few more monsters before going to bed. And before I know it my morning alarm already has gone off.

I guess no sleep for me today! Good thing I don’t have anything requiring much brains to do at work.

I’m making my way to work. It’s a cold foggy winter morning. The radio says something about freezing rain. Suddenly I hear honking. I look up at the traffic lights. They are red. So I have crossed the road with red lights. Sleepily I look to my left to apologize. I see a bus rolling towards me. Wait, hasn’t that line of buses been in the local news lately? Something about the local public transport company skipping on maintenance and failing mechanical parts?

Anyway, I’m about to get hit by that bus. It seems like its brakes aren’t properly working. The Bus Factor is real!

Oh noes! …

But I still have 200 lines of code to refactor and start documenting stuff at all… Why am I thinking of work?! I still need to finish that legendary weapon! …

Well, at least I get to sleep now. Maybe I even get to be in an RPG! Prologue to a new life…, at least I hope that is.

I close my eyes preparing for the impact. Please don’t make it hurt so much! And the next thing… I hear… is chirping birds?! And no honking? And no traffic noises! But I can hear rustling in the wind. I must have had a very bad dream! I mean really bad! Dreaming about your own death isn’t a good thing. Maybe I should look for a counsellor. Since it seems the alarm hadn’t gone off yet I can continue sleeping for just a few more minutes.

I feel something touching my nose. I try to grab it to feel what it is. It feels… like leaf? That’s strange! My apartment is way over the treetops. It should be impossible for leaves to fall through an open window! Slowly I open my eyes. Treetops come into my view. No ceiling — this is definitely not my room! So did I really die after all? Is this heaven? Or is this hell? Or maybe this is just a lucid dream I’m having in a coma? After all, it does seem like I got run over by a bus.

Slowly, I get up and look around. It seems like I’m a forest. Where could this place be? The current temperature feels like spring in a temperate climate. Let’s check out this place! I look at the leaf that I’m still holding in my hand. While trying to examine it I notice something popping up:

Item: Maple Leaf

What the…

Chapter 1: Oh! I’m A Potato Cat!

Item: Maple Leaf
A Leaf from a Sugar Maple Tree.

Surprised by the sudden pop-up I drop the leaf. Come think of it, I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t noticed that interface at the edge my vision yet. I guess I’m just too used to gaming. Somehow I’m really thirsty. Let’s check out that interface later. I take look around. There’s a river nearby with clear water. I move towards that river. Trying to scoop up some water I realize my hands seem somewhat smaller than they should be. I look at my reflection the lake and my jaw simply drops to the floor: I look like I’m ten years old! And I have… cat ears?! Black furry cat ears!! So I’m a cat boy now?! Am I even a boy? Never mind checking out my interface later. I need to check it right now! Do I even have a character window?

As soon as I think of it a new window appears. How very convenient!

Character Info: Swift
Race:  Chitwer Ailurantrope
Level: 1 …

I stop reading the window. What on earth is a Chitwer Ailurantrope?! As to answer my question two new windows appear. Glossary entries. Quite neat! I could get used to that. Not that I have seem to have a choice here…

Glossary: Race: Chitwer
A childlike race. Grown Chitwer are about the same height as 10-year-old Humes. They are blessed with Luck. Chitwers can be quite obsessive with their talents. Due to that obsessiveness, they improve their talents faster can achieve higher masteries at those talents than other races. That obsessiveness is also the reason they usually are seen as not that sociable.

Due to their childlike appearance some people, much to the dismay of many Chitwers, like to compare Chitwers with potatoes or even go so far as simply call them potatoes.

I don’t really mind playing the childlike race in that other game, in fact I really like playing as a small mischievous bringer of chaos. But it’s an entirely different thing to actually become one! I mean, having been average Asian I have been already smaller than average Caucasian and I have always been quite conscious of it. And damn my colleagues! Why do they always put my stuff up on the shelves that I can’t reach without a ladder! But I digress. This is a whole new level of short! Let’s look at the other window.

Glossary: Race: Ailurantrope
A werecat race. Aside from featuring feline ears and tail they mostly don’t differ much from Humes. They are blessed with Strength. Due to excellent reflexes and instincts, they can adapt quickly. Other races see that growth with both envy and malevolence.

So I am really a potato cat!

Chapter 2: Checking Out my Skills for the First Time

I should be checking out what kind of skills I have.

Character Info: Swift
Race:  Chitwer Ailurantrope
Level: 1

Titles - Hatchling Hero

Status 15 Points

Traits & Blessings

Skills 30 Points

On first glance, I guess “Menu: Basic UI” must refer to my MMO interface. I seem to have some unspent points for my status and skills. I shouldn’t be spending them anything this time since I don’t know anything about this place yet. Spending points on the wrong status just makes everything so much harder. The status attributes do remind me of a certain 2.5D MMO1 I used to play. I hear a ringing sound but I can’t make out where it comes from. Very unusual for a ringing sound, it doesn’t seem to come from anywhere particular. In the bottom corner, eventually I see the message my log: “You got new mail.” A mail icon in another corner of my interface is blinking. Yes, I’m way too used to ignoring my UI. So I got new mail.

Chapter 3: I Got Mail?!

So I got mail.

Sender:  Unknown Sender
Subject: Welcome to this world!

Dear Swift Lynx,

I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am sorry to say that, as you have probably noticed, you are dead.

But rejoice, welcome to this world! You have been reincarnated as a twelve year Chitwer Ailurantrope. No need to worry about the hero thing. As long nobody else knows about it you should be fine. Probably.

Enclosed in this mail there is some proviant and basic gear to get you started in this world.

Have fun living in this world! Try not to die so quickly.

Attached Items
Item:  5x Choice Box of Clothes
Item:  1x Set of Basic Tools
Item:  2x Choice Box of Basic Weapons
Item: 30x Choice Box of Grade 1 Food
Item: 10x Choice Box of Grade 3 Food
Item:  3x Choice Box of Grade 6 Food
Item:  1x Choice Box of Grade 10 Food
Item:  1x Red Envelope

Talk about raising flags! As my menu said before, I’m 12 years old here. I also should be careful about revealing the fact I have some hero skills to others. What’s this “Try not to die so quickly.” at the end of the mail?! I hear something in the distance. I notice some activity in my log: “Skill: Danger Sense acquired.” I think that’s a really useful skill! I put points into that skill, maxing it out. As soon as I have done that I feel a really nasty feeling of cold coming down my spine. I should run. Away. Really fast.

Running, I follow the river downstream. I see small animals fleeing the same way. Suddenly they climb up a tree and use the branches to flee to the other side of the river. And what do I do?! I’m too heavy for those branches! The creature everyone is fleeing from is coming closer. I can see what it is. It’s a…

Chapter 4: Gold Kuikagel

It’s a big spherical chick?! It’s spherical, very spherical, with wings at its sides and it’s about the height as me! It’s yellow like a stylized chicken chick. And it’s angry! It’s gotten quite close so I got nowhere to run. Out of other options, I climb the tree and observe it.

Glossary: Gold Kuikagel
While Kuikagel commonly used as mounts and pack animals are bred, this specimen grew in the wilderness…

Before I can finish reading the glossary entry the Kuikagel has already charged against the tree I’m currently standing on. I lose my balance and fall from the tree. Oww, that hurts! I can see the Kuikagel has fainted from the collision. I examine it closely and notice it has a knife in what I assume where its left wing is. Maybe this is the reason it’s so angry! I carefully remove it and get back to reading the glossary entry.

Glossary: Gold Kuikagel
While Kuikagel commonly used as mounts and pack animals are bred, this specimen grew in the wilderness. Wild Kuikagel are very hard to tame. Gold Kuikagel even more sought after. It is said they are much faster and untiring than other variants. Legend has it feeding wild Kuikagel a certain Grade 10 Meal can help with taming them.

I do remember having a Grade 10 Meal in the mail I received earlier. I take out all the items enclosed in the mail and put them into my storage. Using the Choice Box of Grade 10 Food presents me with lots of options but only one of them catches my eye:

Item: Kuikagel Meki Cake
This long lost specialty is so good, some would say it’s magic. Kuikagel and people alike are drawn to this treat.

That image just looks like a Black Forest Cake! I guess Meki is this world version of cherry. If the Kuikagel doesn’t want it. I’ll definitely eat it all by myself! So I choose the Kuikagel Meki Cake. It really does look like a Black Forest Cake. It just smells different. I help myself to slice of the cake. It’s so delicious. That combination of chocolate, cream and… a hint of honeydew melon?! So I guess Mekis look like cherry, but taste like honeydew melon. It may taste a bit different but yet so good nonetheless! After a while, the Kuikagel wakes up. I give it a slice of the cake which it greedily devours. I give it another slice of cake and pat it gently.

Familiar Contract
This Gold Kuikagel wishes to become your familiar. Do you accept?
Yes No

This is easier than expected. Of course I choose yes.

Familiar Contract
Give the Gold Kuikagel a name: ___________
OK Cancel

Hmm, what should I call you? I’m so uncreative with naming things…

Chapter 5: Alfred Jodocus Kuikagel

Familiar Contract
Give the Gold Kuikagel a name: ___________
OK Cancel

After pondering for longer than I want to admit I decide to call it Alfred, Alfred Jodocus Kuikagel, after a famous cartoon duckling in my childhood.2 Even the the only those two have in common is the chick yellow color. My log fills with some more messages:

You have successfully forged a Familiar Contract with Alfred J. Kuikagel, a Gold Kuikagel.
A feat most exceptional!
Title: Kuikagel Tamer gained.
Skill: Familiar Magic acquired.
Gained 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 EXP.
Reached Level 416.
Gained 86,320 Skill Points.
Gained 8,820 Status Points.
Level 20 reached.
Trait: Menu: Public Profile unlocked.
Level 50 reached.
Automatic Status Distribution unlocked.
All Status Values reached 100.
Title: Jack of All Trades unlocked.
Familiar Bond with Alfred J. Kuikagel reached Level 8.
Skill: Familiar Magic levelled up to Level 8.
Skill: Riding acquired trough Familiar Bond.
Skill: Riding levelled up to 6.

Wow, that’s a lot of things to unravel here! It seems I can not only receive higher level skills by executing the action but I can also level them by practicing it! Even more: I gained 415 Levels! Just by giving Alfred some food.

Chapter 6: I’m so Overpowered!

Now I have to take a look at my status!

Character Info: Swift
Age:   12
Race:  Chitwer Ailurantrope
Level: 416

Public Profile


Status 8,835 Points

Traits & Blessings

Skills 86,640 Points

I got so overpowered! This is like a new record for overpoweredness! My status are exceeding the limit the interface can show! And I even got Status Points to spare! Since I can’t see my actual status values anyway, I guess I just have to resort to having them automatically distributed.

All Status Values exceeded a certain values.
Trait: Adaptability enhanced to Super-Adaptability.

Oh my… that sounds even more awesome! Back to my character window: when did I get the skills Fall Mitigation and Pain Resistance? They seem to be important so I should max them as well as Enhanced Health and Stamina. Even if I seem to have a limitless amount of Skill Points right now I’m still worried about them running out. After all, one would expect levelling up now to be harder than ever.

“You’re quite something, Alfred.”


Alfred seems proud of itself.

Chapter 7: The Witch of the Divine Tree

The clock in my interface says it’s 12:00. Is it just me? Or is the time different here? Judging from the sun it feels more like morning than noon to me. I should try and get to a settlement or so to learn about this world.

“So I want to get to a settlement or so. Do you know I can find one, Alfred?”


Alfred looks proudly at me as if it’s saying ‘Leave it to me!’. I mount it and we ride off. Riding appears to easy for me, but it is surprisingly demanding. After a while it gets easier. I think I do need practise despite having the skill. After a while, we reach a very big old tree. It has doors and windows as if there was a several story tall tower inside. I can see an elderly woman standing in the gate. She says something in a language I don’t understand.

Skill: Rubos Language acquired.
Skill: Pekyan Language acquired.

Oh, I got two language skills at once? Not being able to communicate is bad. So I max out both languages.

“Good Morning! My name is Swift. I seem to have gotten lost. Do you know where the nearest settlement is?”

“Pleased to meet you. My name is Hester Gubat. Please call me Hester or granny. And I don’t think you should be going to any settlement any time soon, after all, you seem not to know anything about where you are! As you are now, you might not even survive the day if you went there.”

“I’m quite surprised. What makes you say that?”

“It’s a long story. Why don’t we get in and talk a bit?”

She opens the gate. I dismount and say to Alfred: “You stay here. I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t worry about it. Your Kuikagel can enter as well.”

We follow Hester into the tree. On the ground floor, there a door to a big room. Hester and I go through that door entering what looks like a kitchen. She sits down on a chair and gestures me to sit at the table across her. I gently push her chair closer to the table and sit down.

“Oh, you’re quite a sweetheart!”

“So, what makes you think I might not survive the day out there? Is it that dangerous out there?”

“No, no, it’s more about you: you’re riding on a Gold Kuikagel, you answered in Pekyan not Robus and you’re only a 12- year old Level 1 boy with no skills whatsoever. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you to be a clueless rich boy, waiting to get robbed and slaughtered by bandits right away before even having a chance of achieving anything in life — sadly, it happens a lot in this world. That’s if you’re lucky. An Ailurantrope your age would sell for quite a lot on the black market. Who knows what they would do to or with you?”

“But you seem to know better. What do you think I am? And what to do mean by ‘in this world’?”

“Since we’re here with nobody listening in, I’ll be plain: you were probably brought here from another world by some divine intervention. You seem to have just arrived, thinking you should get some information about this world by getting to the nearest settlement.”

Shocked, my jaw drops. Wasn’t I supposed to keep that a secret? She continues.

“That would have been a good idea. But unfortunately, you have forged a contract with that Gold Kuikagel. People would murder for getting their hands on a creature like that. Even if you were somewhat higher level, my guess is you are, you would be still having your hands full. Don’t worry, I won’t harm you.”

“You won’t?”

Hester smiles.

“In fact, I could use a helping hand here at my place. I’m not getting younger and this is quite a big place. If you become my apprentice, I’ll at least teach you the basics if not more. I don’t mean to brag, but I am the Witch of the Divine Tree. Around this area, you are unlikely to find a more knowledgeable person. I won’t force you, but you’re welcome to stay here until you have decided at least.”

I hesitate.

Chapter 8: Lesson Ⅰ: Keeping up Appearances

“I… I need to think about it.”

Should I or shouldn’t I? Skipping tutorials is bad. But then tutorials are quite a pain if they keep stating the obvious.

“It would be a great thing having someone to teach me things. But waking up early is such a drag, and I do like sleeping a lot…”

Completely disregarding the situation I fall into my old habit of thinking out loudly. Hester laughs. It’s sound devious but not threatening. She sounds more amused.

“That would certainly explain they reincarnated you with an Ailurantrope body!”

“Half-Ailurantrope! I insist.”

Oh here I go again splitting hairs. I fall back into my gaming habits. I should try and get information on her. It’s surprisingly hard not to stare while doing that.

Character Information: Hester Swift
Age:   Unknown
Race:  Hume
Level: 100



“I hate tutorials, but I will accept your offer. Please be kind to me!”

“That was a quick decision! Well, from now on you’re an Apprentice of the Divine Tree.”

Title: Apprentice of the Divine Tree acquired.

“I can see your title hasn’t changed. I won’t be asking you about your real status — that’s none of my business. But here’s your first lesson: keeping up appearances. You should set your title, public level and skills to something sensible.”

“How did you know I can do that?”

“Simple: If you can ride like that you must be at least Lv. 10. Yet your public status was you were Level 1.”

I set my title to Apprentice of the Divine Tree and my public level to 15. As for skills, set my public skills to Danger Sense Lv. 10, Familiar Contract Lv. 8 and Riding Lv. 6.

“Like this?”

“Those skill levels are of the charts! But then considering those are the only skills you apparently have, it’s OK. You’ll be regarded as a minor rarity, a person with inherent Skills, given you’re a mixed Chitwer Ailurantrope, that’s nothing to be surprised about. But that’s it for now. We should get you and your Kuikagel settled in here first. I hear you named him Alfred?”

“Yes, Alfred Joducus Kuikagel.”

“It has a certain ring to it. You can use the entrance area for Alfred. Do you want a red scarf for him?”

“Wouldn’t that inconvenient visitors? Sure, I’ll take it!”

“What visitors? It’s been years and you’ve been the first to come here since quite a while! OK, there that boy that regularly comes for tutoring. But he certainly won’t mind. In fact, that Kuikagel of yours is so rare you can expect everyone to expect it to be treated way better.”

Chapter 9: Lesson Ⅱ: Herbology Basics

The next day, just after a hearty breakfast, we go outside for the next lesson. I’m wearing a cape that’s dark blue on the outside and red on the inside and a dark blue headband. Both are a symbol of me being Hester’s apprentice.

“Granny, what are we doing?”

“Picking Herbs. You’ll be learning the basics of Herbology. Do you have a sickle?”

I look into my inventory.

“I have received a set of basic tools. I guess there should be one in there.”

I use the item. A toolbox appears. I take a sickle from it.

Hester points to a certain plant. It has lots of small white flowers forming a disk and very few leaves evenly distributed through over the height of the plant.

“Let’s begin with easier plants. This is Mara. There are many colours of that plant. The whiter the colour the more potent it is. We only need the flower itself, so cut it near the top. I guess we need 10 of those.”

Collect them and put them into to basket.

Now Hester points to another flower, this one is rose-coloured. The leaves are all near the ground. The yellow part of the flower looks like a spiny hedgehog.

“This is Roka. Here we need the leaves. Cut off only a few leaves per plant. I guess we need about 30 of those. Both of these plants are most effective when they are harvested in the morning.”

I also collect those and put them into the basket.

“That should be enough for this week. Let’s go inside.”

I put my sickle back into my toolbox and carry the toolbox inside. Hester shows me how to properly grind the herbs using a mortar and pestle. I get a mortar and pestle from the toolbox and mix the petals of one Mara flower with 3 Roka leaves and grind them to a paste before filling that paste into a small container.

Skill: Herbology acquired.
Recipe: Lesser Ointment acquired.
Trait: Menu: Recipe Book accquired.

I grin. Getting skills is way to easy! I put in points max out my Herbology skill.

Hester is sorting other flowers. They look very similar, yet they are different. One of them has 9 petals the other 8 petals. I don’t know there are some more differences but somehow that’s the only difference that catches my eye. I look harder at the flowers.

Item: Life Clover
This flower is used for creating universal antidotes.

Item: Life Clover
This flower is used for creating universal antidotes. Something about this specimen seems off.

So the skill only gives me good intuition for handling plants. Apparently, my maxed out skills seem to be useless without the correct recipes. I continue with grinding Mara and Roka. This time the paste looks somewhat different. It looks like it has a light shimmer. But why would it have that? Judging from me staring at the paste Hester calmly explains:

“It seems you created a high-quality version of this ointment. That would be a great thing if this wasn’t a cheap ointment for bruises. Hurry up with the other ones! If you finish before lunch we can go to the nearest village this afternoon.”

Chapter 10: Eisal Village and One Very Hyper Boy

After lunch, Granny Hester and I ride on Alfred to the closest village. I would have given Alfred a red scarf and gotten myself a matching red armband — but Kuikagel are so round I can’t really find the neck to push the scarf around! So Alfred Jodocus Kuikagel needs to be without his signature red scarf. Instead, I give him a red headband. When our group enters the village we’re greeted by the villagers.

“Good afternoon, Granny! You’re early today. Who this boy?”

“Good afternoon, Katie! This boy is Swift, my new apprentice.”

“Good afternoon! Nice to meet you.”

“Good afternoon. Oh, so Granny has finally decided to take an apprentice! I should be telling Hector about you. Welcome to Eisel Village!”

Excited, she runs away. We continue through the village. Granny Hester tells me to stop at a certain house. We get off. I gently pat Alfred. An elderly man comes out to greet us.

“Good afternoon, Hester! I can see you brought company.”

“Good afternoon, Jake. This boy is my new apprentice.”

“Good afternoon. Please to meet you. My name is Swift.”

“Pleased to meet you. I am Jake, the Elder of Eisal Village.”

The elder looks at Alfred and me and sighs.

“So it’s finally time.”

“Is something the matter?”

“No, nothing for you to worry about. Hester and I have some boring business to discuss. So why don’t you try to get to know everyone here in the village while these two old people here take care of the boring stuff?”

Granny Hester and the Elder Jake enter the house. Taking the opportunity I walk with Alfred through the village.
Though I can see a lot of pre-schoolers, well at least in my old life, I’d call them pre-schoolers, but there no kids my age in the village. None but one single Hume boy. He has short blond hair and blue eyes and he is about one head bigger than me. But judging from that fact he is one head bigger he’s the same age as me. He’s completely excited.

“That’s quite a Kuikagel you got there! Did Granny capture it? By the way, I’m Hector. My mother told me someone close to my age has come to the village. What’s your name?…”

I interrupt him. He’s way too hyper.

“Hello, Hector! I’m Swift. Calm down! You act like you have waited years to find someone your age to get acquainted with.“ I smile. “I have just become Granny’s apprentice yesterday. I’m currently introducing myself to the villagers. And no, I contracted Alfred myself.”

“Sorry. Well, to be honest, there hasn’t been anyone even close my age in this village. So you’re Granny’s apprentice. That means we’ll be meeting often. Once a week, I go to Granny for some tutoring. How old are you?”

I quickly glanced at my public profile.

“I’m twelve. I’m half Chitwer, so I stopped growing one or two years ago. How about you?”

“Oh? I thought you’d be younger. Turns out you’re only close to my age but the same age as me.”

Hector is still beaming with excitement. At least he calmed down enough so he’s not hyper anymore.

“Come, let me introduce you to the other villagers.”

The villagers give Alfred and me a warm welcome. Though I’m the only non-Hume in the village everyone still treats me nicely. I guess being worried about discrimination has been unnecessary. The little kids to seem to want to touch my ears a lot. I don’t mind and let them touch them. When one kid suddenly starts petting them I can’t stop myself from purring. Ahh! That’s so embarrassing! I can feel my head getting red while everyone laughs. Maybe I shouldn’t let others touch them after all. After meeting all the villagers, it’s already the late afternoon. Hector, Alfred and I go back to the Elder’s house. The Elder and Granny Hester are already waiting for us.

“I see the two of you have met. I hope you can be friends. If you’re done for today, we should get going.”

Hector and I look at each other, smiling. Hector answers:

“No need to worry. I’m coming tomorrow for tutoring anyway. So we’ll be meeting more often. I think Swift is looking forward to it.”

“Shall I come and fetch you, then? On Alfred, you’d be there in no time at all.”

“You’d do that?! Please do. See you tomorrow then!”

Hector seems excited. I mount Alfred and help Granny up. I wave to both Hector and the village elder.

“See you tomorrow! Goodbye!”


Chapter 11: The New Guy in Eisal Village

It’s a normal day like any other day around here and, as always, I’m bored. To ease my boredom, I practice sword swings. Granny suggested to me taking up sword fighting years ago. She refused to take me as her apprentice. I wouldn’t be able to handle it, she said. So after me keeping bugging her despite that she finally agreed to tutor me. She teaches me sword fighting and cooking.

I can see my mother hurrying my way. She seems excited.

“Hector! Hector! There’s a new guy in the village! Granny took an apprentice! And he seems to be close to your age. Younger, but quite close to your age.”

“She did? Where is he?”

“They seemed to be going to the elder’s house.”

“Thanks for telling me, mom. I got to go!”

I get moving to the elder’s house. I can see him. A boy about close to my age! He has black hair and amber eyes. And he got cat ears! He walks along his Kuikagel. Something seems special about this one. I mean it’s spherical like the usual ones… The colour! It’s gold yellow! Isn’t that the rarest type of Kuikagel? Did he capture it himself?

“That’s quite a Kuikagel you got there! Did Granny capture it? By the way, I’m Hector. My mother told me someone close to my age has come to the village. What’s your name?…”

I was interrupted.

“Hello, Hector! I’m Swift. Calm down! You act like you have waited years to find someone your age to get acquainted with. I have just become Granny’s apprentice yesterday. I’m currently introducing myself to the villagers. And no, I contracted Alfred myself.”

So he contracted it himself! He’s definitely capable! That’s to be expected from Granny’s apprentice.

“Sorry. Well, to be honest, there hasn’t been anyone even close my age in this village. So you’re Granny’s apprentice. That means we’ll be meeting often. Once a week, I go to Granny for some tutoring. How old are you?”

“I’m twelve. I’m half Chitwer, so I stopped growing one or two years ago. How about you?”

A mixed Chitwer Ailurantrope?

“Oh? I thought you’d be younger. Turns out you’re only close to my age but the same age as me. Come, let me introduce you to the other villagers.”

The other villagers like them a lot. Why wouldn’t they? The little kids to seem to want to touch Swift’s ears a lot. Surprisingly, he lets them touch them. When one kid suddenly starts petting them he starts purring. So cute! Him turning red makes even more adorable. I don’t care about how capable he is. Maybe I should pet his ears myself!

After meeting all the villagers, it’s already the late afternoon. Swift, Alfred and I go to the Elder’s house. The Elder and Granny Hester are already waiting for us.

“I see the two of you have met. I hope you can be friends. If you’re done for today, we should get going.”

“No need to worry. I’m coming tomorrow for tutoring anyway. So we’ll be meeting more often. I think Swift is looking forward to it.”

“Shall I come and fetch you? On Alfred, you’d be there in no time at all.”

“You’d do that?! Please do. See you tomorrow then!” Hector seems excited. Swift and Granny mount Alfred.

“See you tomorrow! Goodbye!”


I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Chapter 12: Rushing to Eisal Village in the Morning

The following early morning I was rudely awakened. I got water splashed into my face. Hastily, I open my eyes. A blue liquid-filled slime comes into my view. It looks just like the slime from a certain Korean MMO in my old life, just it’s filled with liquid. It spouts water at me.

“OK! OK! I’m awake!”

I look at the time in my interface.

“Yawn! It’s not even 8 o’clock yet! Can’t you let me sleep any longer?”

“Didn’t you want to pick up Hector today? You really are a fast sleeper. I gave up on waking you normally and had to resort to asking Shower to help me. Get up! You’re already late!”


“Well, usually Hector gets here by 9 o’clock.”

“What?! He does? I have to hurry!”

I quickly get up and get myself cleaned. Of course, I trip over my own feet and fall down the stairs. I still haven’t gotten completely used to my small body yet.


The pain is not as bad as I think it should have been, probably due the Pain Resistance Skill. So I can still feel pain even with the skill no maximum Level!

“Relax! You’re not that late! And even if you were — hurrying and falling down the stairs doesn’t make you any faster. But then, given you are a Chitwer, I might give you some speed advantage if you roll like a potato.”


I’ve fallen down the next set of stairs. I mount Alfred and make my way to Eisal Village to pick up Hector. It’s quite a rush but thanks to Alfred not a big deal. When I arrive at the village Hector was already waiting for me at the entrance.

“Good morning, Swift!”

“Good morning, Hector! I hope, I’m not too late.”

“I haven’t been waiting long. I just got here. Though I was kind of worried it might take you until noon to come here. I heard some Ailurantropes can be very fast sleepers.”

“Well, to be honest, if I haven’t been woken up by Granny I’d still in bed now, sleeping like a log. I’m quite sluggish in the mornings. I thought you would usually get there by noon or so. My fault, I should have asked. Rushing here wasn’t that bad, too. Tough Alfred did most the work. I would have picked you up either way. I was just… unprepared. And ouch… falling down the stairs still hurts. Hey! No jokes about Chitwers and rolling!!”

I looked at Hector as he bursts into laughter.

“I’m glad you got up just to pick me up then.”

He continues laughing.

“I’m relieved. I thought since you are Granny’s apprentice you must be quite a perfect being. Seeing you having flaws like this make me feel more comfortable. It just seems you have a special talent that Granny requires of her apprentices.”

“Apprentices? Did she have one before?”

“Not to my knowledge. You must be the first. I just know she and the Village Elder have been travelling together when they were younger. And that’s all I know. The two of them don’t talk much about their adventures. All the villagers know are stories travellers that come here tell. The only comment two of them give on stories is always: ‘It’s been quite a while since that time.’ Even the other elderly in this village don’t really want to talk about the stories. I just wonder why…”

Chapter 13: Lesson Ⅲ: Lunch Duty and Affinity to Magic

After picking up Hector, we return to the tower in the Divine Tree. Granny Hester was already waiting for us. Shower was nowhere to be seen. Where was it all the time anyway? I hadn’t seen it before today at all!

“There you are! I have already prepared breakfast.”

Before we go inside, I give Alfred some Kuikagel food that Granny made. Inside, we have another hearty breakfast, with eggs sunny side up and bacon. I haven’t been admiring it as much yesterday, but Granny’s food really good!

“Swift, since Granny made breakfast does that mean you’re responsible for lunch? I’m looking forward to it.”

“Me?! Do you think that’s a good idea?”

I start to panic. I had already set the kitchen on fire yesterday. It’s a good thing the Divine Tree is somewhat fireproof else I would have thrown the whole world into chaos by messing up some cooking! Even though I managed to cook something not gaining the cooking skill was a problem: instead, I got both the Alchemy Skill and the Toxicology Skill. After maxing the latter out, I was able to identify my food to be highly toxic. Good thing Hester had some familiars high poison immunity to dispose of it!

“Better not. This kitten can only produce lethal poison or deadly tastes when he cooks — assuming the house doesn’t burn down first. Or the Divine Tree for that matter. For some reason though, he can do Alchemy just fine. And Toxicology.”

“Yes, I’m kinda bad at cooking. I’m sorry.”

Embarrassed, I look down to the floor. Hector must be disappointed.

“Let me take care of lunch duty then!”

Hector gently pats me. He slightly touches my ears. I can barely stop myself from purring. I look at him. For some reason, he has a devious grin on his face.

“Since that is settled, let’s start today’s lesson. Let’s go outside!”

Hector and I follow Granny outside.

“Today I’m going to teach you the basics of magic. Even if you end up not having any talent for strong magic. You can learn how to defend against magic by learning the basics.”

Hester shows us a crystal ball.

“Can you look into the future with that?”

“Not with this one at least. This one is to determine what kind of magic you have an affinity for. Hold this, Hector.”

She hands Hector the orb.

“Hector, close your eyes and focus on the orb.”

After a while, the crystal orb glows red and brown. Mostly red, but a little brown near where is holding the crystal.

“Red with brown at the hands. It seems Hector has an affinity for Fire Magic. While most beginners teachers would say he has some affinity for Earth Magic as well. Though I’m not so sure. I think it’s an affinity to Reinforcement Magic.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Swift. That’s just my experience. Now your turn.”

She takes the ball from Hector and gives it to me while whispering: “If you get a Magic Skill, don’t max it. It’ll only make the training harder if you do.”

I close my eyes and concentrate on the crystal ball in my hand.

Chapter 14: Affinity to Magic — the Multicoloured Galaxy

I close my eyes. Darkness. I can’t see anything but my eigengrau. I try to concentrate on the orb in my hand. Like I do when I play online games. I don’t know if you should be bragging about it but I had a talent in my previous life. I could get into the flow — or the “zone” as some people call it — quite easily. Just moments after starting. I already forget the fact I’m playing and moving my character becomes natural. No thinking about what button to press to do what action. Just acting like there is no interface between me and the game.

Oh! Several galaxies fade in and come closer. In the center of those galaxies, there are things that look like black holes. But they aren’t. They aren’t black. They’re shining in different colours. So it can’t be black holes. The galaxies collide. The collision creates a lot of light. It’s blinding. I try to close my eyes but I can’t. They are already closed! But I try anyway. I’m somewhat out of the flow again.

Concentrating back at the galaxy, the light has finally calmed down and there is one single galaxy left. In the center the “hole” glows in a silver shade, around it I see several spirals coming out in all spatial directions. The spirals are not identical. Some are bigger. Some are smaller. Some are denser. Some are quite thin. But each spiral has a distinct colour. The densest spirals are violet, purple, gray and silver.

I want to observe this multicoloured galaxy more. I want to check out the spirals. But I can hear some slight cracking and trickling. I open my eyes. The orb is crumbling to dust in my hands. A few moments later there is nothing left of the orb.

“Did I do that?”

My log has filled with a lot of messages. Let look at them later.

“Yes, I expected this would happen. That’s why I had Hector go first. Good thing that thing had a safety layer to it. Else it would have exploded. So you got a rainbow. And quite some power as well. This is a problem…”

“Granny, why you call it a rainbow? All I could see were several coloured dots in a mass of silver. That even extended outside the orb!”

“I just call it a rainbow because there are some many colours like in a rainbow. That would quite interesting to actually see a rainbow in such an orb. So Swift got affinity with all elements. It’s just stronger with Space Magic.”

“Space Magic? Isn’t that like one of rarest affinities? Congratulations, Swift.”

Hector starts patting me on my head.

“Thanks, Hector. Why do you keep petting me on my head? I’m not a small kid.”

“Oh sorry, I just can’t help it.”


“Well, back to the lesson: what you just saw when you concentrated was your magical plane. Using magic involves taking magic power from it and putting that power to use. Since you need to able to draw magical energy from that dimension, we will just concentrate on connecting to that plane. So you will be meditating to practice connecting to it. A lot.”

“I see, that’s why you have me practice meditating a lot when you tutor me.”

Hester looks at Hector.

“Hector, you know that place already. Would you go there first and start meditating without us. I need to talk to Swift for a bit.”

“OK, I’ll be off then. See you later.”

Hector leaves in the direction of a lawn behind the Divine Tree. Hester looks at me with a troubled expression.

“I know I said I don’t care about your skills. But seeing that changed my mind. So? Would you please enlighten me to what skills you gained?”

Oh, what do I do now?

Chapter 15: Lesson Ⅲa: About Mana Perception and Mana Control

I don’t think I have a reason to hide this from her. After all, she is already helping me a lot.

“I haven’t looked at it yet. Let me check this really quick.”

Skill: Space Magic Lv. 3 acquired.
Skill: Dark Magic Lv. 2 acquired.
Skill: Lightning Magic Lv. 2 acquired.
Skill: Wind Magic Lv. 2 acquired.
Skill: Fire Magic Lv. 1 acquired.
Skill: Water Magic Lv. 1 acquired.
Skill: Earth Magic Lv. 1 acquired.
Skill: Light Magic Lv. 1 acquired.
Trait: Deep Thought acquired.
Skill: Enhanced Mana forcefully upgraded to Lv. 8.

“I got 8 Magic Skills: Space Lv. 3, Dark Lv. 2, Lightning Lv. 2, Wind Lv. 2, Fire Lv. 1, Water Lv. 1, Earth Lv. 1, Light Lv. 1. So why would it make it harder to train magic if I max it now?”

“You saw what happened with the orb even with those small levels. You overloaded it with magic. Until you can properly control your magic you will always pull too much energy or waste it. Plus you’d stick out too much. Do you have some other skill related to magic? Those skills still don’t explain why the orb was overloaded.”

“I have Enhanced Mana Lv. 8. Oh, I have gained the Deep Thought trait.”

“Lv. 8? Plus Deep Thought, I see… Well anyway, I was trying to avoid this: you will only be training to limit your Mana for now. I wanted to avoid this since it’s hard, very hard and I can’t do anything about it. You definitely need that training!”

“Oh, OK. And how do I do that?”

“Simple, at least in theory, you need to learn how to sense Mana, gaining Mana Perception. And then train to regulate your Mana, that will hopefully end up as a Mana Control Skill. It might just take a while. The tricky part is actually gaining that ability. For now, just look at Hector when he’s meditating. Mana should be gathering around him. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the details of sensing Mana. So good luck, you’re already on your own.”

“OK. I have some questions. Would you answer them later after Hector left?”

“I guess, I can’t help it… After today’s lessons then.”

With that Hester gestures me to go to where Hector is.

I got to the lawn and sit down opposite to where Hector is sitting. He seems to in deep meditation. I guess he’s used to this. So Mana should be gathering around him. I can’t see anything. Hector is working up quite a sweat. Since just looking at Hector doesn’t do anything right now, I might just as well appraise him.

Character Info: Hector
Age:   10
Race:  Hume
Level: 19


Traits & Blessings

That’s a surprise! A Trait? I wonder what it does… But didn’t Hector say he was twelve? Why does it say he was ten?!

Chapter 16: Our First Lesson in Magic!!

“Hector, close your eyes and focus on the orb.”

I close my eyes and try to concentrate on the orb in my hands. After a while, red light fades in. It’s very blurry but I can make out several lights shining. Not only red, but I can also see some brown light mixed in there. The lights move randomly. For some reason, the brown ones are closer to the edge of my vision.

I open my eyes.

“Red with brown at the hands. It seems Hector has an affinity for Fire Magic. While most beginners teachers would say he has some affinity for Earth Magic as well. Though I’m not so sure. I think it’s an affinity to Reinforcement Magic.”

So have I have an affinity for Fire and Reinforcement Magic. I can use Fire Magic to attack and Reinforcement to protect myself. Quite a good draw I got there! So it’s Swift’s turn now. Given he’s Granny’s apprentice he should have something awesome. But then I hear it’s quite hard to use magic if you have too much talent in it.

He takes the orb and… lots of colours appear in the orb and they coming together! What a blinding light! Is it me? Or are the lights gathering even outside the orb? I look harder at the orb. In the center, there is a silver glowing ball. From that ball, several coloured bend lines, spirals, stretch out. Granny seems to be worried. Is that how it should look for a talented mage?

Granny says Swift has an affinity for all kinds of magic, especially with Space Magic.

“Space Magic? Isn’t that like one of rarest affinities? Congratulations, Swift.”

I pet him on his head.

“Thanks, Hector. Why do you keep petting me on my head? I’m not a small kid.”

“Oh sorry, I just can’t help it.”

Yes, I just can’t help it. Swift is just way to so cute to resist the urge of petting him. Even if he looks at me with that look of disapproval. It just makes him much cuter! Hester says we would need to meditate a lot to improve our connection to our magic plane. So that’s the reason why she had me practice meditation!

“Hector, you know that place already. Would you go there first and start meditating without us. I need to talk to Swift for a bit.”

It looks like I have guessed. Swift seems to have a lot of talent in magic and he needs a special lesson due to that talent.

“OK, I’ll be off then. See you later.”

I move to a lawn behind the Divine Tree and sit down to meditate. From what I remember reading at Granny’s library, you can bring order to your magic plane while meditating so you can access your power more easily. Let’s try ordering as I saw in Swifts plane! Just because I have fewer affinities I’m not going to lose to Swift! I concentrate. I have a big red orb in the center already. So I need to move the rest to lines around the center. It’s quite hard. Surprisingly, the brown mist and lights move more easily than I thought they would. I thought they would prefer to stay at the edge.

I proceed to try to bring order to my magic plane. After I condensed my brown parts to two lines I start concentrating on the red parts. For some reason, it’s now easier to move the red parts! But I’m exhausted! I’ll try to align the red parts the next time I meditate. I think it’s about time to prepare lunch anyway.

I open my eyes. Swift is sitting opposite to me and is eying me.

“What’s the matter, Swift?”

“Hester says I need to get Magic Perception first. She says looking at you while you meditate should do the trick.”

“So you’re too talented with magic?”

“Looks like it.”

Chapter 17: Lesson Ⅲb: Mana Perception

Character Info: Hector
Age:   10
Race:  Hume
Level: 19


Traits & Blessings


Lv. X? Don’t tell me this world uses a base twelve system3! That would make sense why it says Hector was 10 years old. 10 in base twelve is… twelve. I had heard of such a system in my previous life. Was is Duodecimal or Unical? I believe it was said to be much more useful in daily life than High Mathematics. Since twelve can be divided by two, three, four and six it’s more useful for trading than ten which is only dividable by two and five. Even if I know about the existence of a base twelve system I don’t know about the words used for that. Is my Skill translating the numbers for me? Or do I need to learn new numbers? I’ll have to ask Hester later.

Hector opens his eyes. I tell him about learning Mana Perception. He seems to have expected that. Hector tells me he’ll be skipping sword practice and be meditating after lunch as well.

“Thanks a lot, Hector.”

“Don’t mention it.”

He looks at me with a devious face. Then he jumps at me pinning me down and starts petting me on my head and caressing my ears. I purr. I can feel my face turning red. Hector simply continues. I think he likes doing that to me!

“Hector! Please stop! This is embarrassing.”

“Just a little more. Consider this my reward for helping you on your lesson.”

“Purr… Fine! But don’t you dare to do this in public!”

I turn around and lie on my belly and let Hector continue. Though it’s embarrassing it doesn’t feel bad. It’s calming. I could get used to this. Without knowing it, I’ve already fallen asleep. When I wake up I’m lying in my bed. Hector comes in. He’s carrying a bucket full of water. He smiles.

“I was about to wake you up. Lunch is ready.”

“Sorry about that.”

I remember what happened. And look down to the floor.

“I don’t mind. It’s partly my fault anyway. It’s not like you’re terribly heavy either.”

We go downstairs to the kitchen. Hector has made quite a lunch. It’s so delicious! I just wonder where the meat came from though.

“Thanks for the food. It was very yummy.”

“Glad you liked it.”

I just remembered something. I look at the clock in my interface. It says 10:2ℰ. So everything here seems to use the base-twelve system.

Hester sends us out to the lawn to continue training. To my surprise, I gain the Mana Perception Skill before the end of the day! I still don’t know what triggered it. But who cares? With Hector helping out I have gained the skill. That’s all that count. So on the next skill!

Chapter 18: Currency, Time Units and Duodecimal Numbers

After dropping of Hector at Eisal Village Hector asks me about going hunting in the forest the day after tomorrow.

“Hunting? I didn’t know you were a hunter!”

“Even if I’m just a kid if have to do my part for the village. We are a small village, so it’s a given we help each other. Money is only used by the Elder when traders come to the village.”

“I see. Who else will be coming with us?”

“It’s just the two of us. The adults have a hunting group as well. But already they went hunting today.”

“Is that OK, going without the adults?”

“Don’t worry! Avan Forest is quite safe.”

“I see. Then see you the day after tomorrow!”

“See you! Be here at nine.”

I return to the Divine Tree and tell Granny I have gained the Mana Perception Skill.

“That’s fast. Did you max it out yet?”

“Not yet. There’s something else I wanted to confirm.”

I start putting points into the skill.

One (1), two (2), three (3), four (4), five (5), six (6), seven (7), eight (8), nine (9), ten (X), eleven (), twelve (10). Done. For some reason, my interface uses a base-twelve numeric system.”

“Ah, I’ve gotten used to it for so long I simply forgot the Old World used that nonsense of a Decimal System.”

“How come? As far as I have seen nobody has six fingers per hand.”

“Well, you count the sections of your non-thumb fingers.”

I try it myself. My index finger has three sections. So with the other fingers so I get to twelve.

“If you view it like that it seems reasonable.”

“You’d be surprised. How much the Duodecimal System was used in the Old World.”

“It was?”

“Yes. For example, if you divide a foot by twelve you get an inch. If you divide that again by twelve you a point. There was no French Revolution in this world. Instead, the Merchants’ Guild decided how to run the books. And they agreed it would make much more sense to use a base twelve system. Talking about merchants. I should teach you about the money around here. You shouldn’t be needing it that soon but it doesn’t hurt to learn.”

Granny takes out something out of nowhere. She places several metal coins and some metal bars on the table. She points to the copper coins. There are 3 round ones in different sizes and a long one, like a koban coin, just made of copper.

“The smallest unit is a Small Copper Coin. One of that is worth one credit. A Medium Copper Coin is worth three credits. A Big Copper Coin is worth twelve. Finally, a Long Copper Coin is worth 30 credits.”


“That’s three times twelve. Twelve (10), twendo (20), trido (30), fourdo (40), fifdo (50), sixdo (60), sevendo (70), eightdo (80), ninedo (90), tendo (X0), eldo (ℰ0), a gross (100).”

Seems like I have to learn the numbers. But since I’m high level. I already have memorized the terms. I just need to get used to it so I don’t have to convert it to decimal internally.

“I think I need to get used to that. So how many minutes are an hour and how many hours a day?”

“One hour is fifdo (50) minutes. And one day is twendo (20) hours.”

So it’s sixty minutes per hour and twenty-four hours per day. It’s the same as in the “Old World”, as Hester calls it.

“One week has six days. There’s no Saturday. Five weeks make a moon. Twelve moons make a year.”

So a six day week. It’s like in the Farming Simulation games4 I used to play? So thirty, I mean twendo-six (26) days make a moon, and three hundred and sixty, I mean two gro sixdo (260) days make year.

“Are there leap days?”

“Leap days? Not really.”

“So there’s not the problem that the seasons move around in the calendar?”

“No, they don’t. Is it that surprising? I mean, you have a Gaming Interface.”


“Back to the money: basically, the other coins are in similar steps just they’re worth more. When you get to the bars the steps change to a fixed factor of twelve (10) since by that amount money, day-to-day convenience isn’t that much of issue anymore. Also, you usually aren’t likely to use them. I just showed them to you as a reference.

So in summary. The units are as follows:

Currency Credits
Small Copper Coin 1
Medium Copper Coin 3
Big Copper Coin 10
Long Copper Coin 30
Small Silver Coin 100
Medium Silver Coin 300
Big Silver Coin 1,000
Long Silver Coin 3,000
Round Gold Coin 10,000
Long Gold Coin 30,000
Round Platinum Coin 100,000
Long Platinum Coin 300,000
Small Gold Bar 1,000,000
Large Gold Bar 10,000,000
Small Platinum Bar 100,000,000
Large Platinum Bar 1,000,000,000

As a result of that conversation, I practice the new numbers and I completely forgot what I wanted to ask earlier the day. If it’s important I’ll remember it later.

Chapter 19: Lesson Ⅲc: Mana Manipulation and Talking About Skills

The next day Hester gives me several rods of varying diameters.

“Take the thickest one. And channel your mana through it. Hold back. We don’t want these rods exploding.”

I do as Granny says. The whole rod glows red.

“Too much! You’re coating it with Spell Blade!”

I concentrate on throttling my output. Slowly the glow on the rod fades leaving only the glow at the tip.

“Good. Now keep it at that level. For half an hour.”

This is surprisingly hard. Each time I think I got the hang of it my output destabilizes. I try looking at it with Mana Perception. I see the Mana flowing linearly through the rod. In the middle of the rod, the flow avoids the center. I try forcing my mana to flow through the center. Oh! My output stabilizes.

Skill: Spell Blade Lv. 0 acquired.
Skill: Mana Control Lv. 0 acquired.
Skill: Mana Manipulation Lv. 0 acquired.

Neat! I max the skills out. I take the thinnest rod and try flowing a little bit of my mana through it. As before, the end of the rod glows.

“You got the hang of if way too quickly. How many skill points do you have?”

“A lot. Now that we’re talking about it, I meant to ask you about Skills and Skill Points.”

I tell her about my skills and how I get them.

“I see. Usually, each time you level up you get the number of your new level coins flips worth of Skill Points. Depending on the skill, it costs up to its current skill level to level up one level. The usual maximum in level ten. But as with all I have said. Everything is subject to change by racial traits and other traits. Skill levels one to three are beginner level, four to six are intermediate level, seven to nine are expert, anything above that is mastery.

So the fact you’re such a cheat is probably due to your traits. Gaining Skills that fast, needing only one Point per Skill Level and even reaching level twelve. Every one of these would be a big boon on its own. And yet you have all three of those.”

It seems I’m even more OP than I thought.

“So since we’re done with this so fast, is there anything you want to do with our free time? By the way, you can put in the skill points into your magic skills now if you want. You still need to learn the spells though. But we can do that later.”

I immediately max out my higher levelled magics. Come to think of it, I should max out everything.

Title: Grand Master of Magic acquired.

Wow, another title! I wonder if titles do anything at all, I’ll experiment with it later. But first, I need to prepare for tomorrow!

“Sure. Can you show me how to use a bow? Hector invited me to go hunting tomorrow.”

“A Bow? Sure. Are you planning on becoming a Magic Bowman or a Magic Rogue?”

“Why not? I like the sound of it, especially Magic Rogue. So I need a bow, short swords and throwable daggers. I think my initial greater affinities would come in handy with that. But first the bow. After all we’re going hunting.”

Chapter 20: Lesson Ⅳ: Hunting with Archery and Traps

I take out my Choice Boxes of Basic Weapons that I received and use them. I choose a set of 10 (twelve) throwing daggers. There are even two waist bags included where I can put the daggers. For the other weapon, my gaze is drawn to a wax wood bow. I have never seen a wax wood tree. Neither in this life nor in the previous life. But I have heard wax wood to be a flexible and resilient material. But as far as I know, it’s very expensive.

“A Wax Wood Bow. Why ever is that is an item in a Choice Box of Basic Weapons?”

“A Wax Wood Bow? What colour is the Wax Wood?”

I read the description.

“It says White Wax Wood. Is that good?”

“White Wax Wood is a variant of ash. Which is a very good wood to build weapons from. Grey Wax Wood is a variant of
olive. It looks nice but the wood is not so great for weapons. But they could also just dye the wood white and call it white Wax Wood, too. It’s going to be a gamble.”

“OK. Let’s see what it is.”

I choose the bow. I look briefly at the time I received.

“I can’t see any knots. That’s a good start, I think. But I don’t have any knowledge further than that.”

“Let me have a look at it then.”

I hand her the bow. She examines it.

“It’s a good bow. You Chitwer really do have all the luck!”

She gives me back my bow. and also hands me a quiver with arrows. I think she just pulled that out of her storage. She moves over to a nearby stump and draws a target on it. She comes back and stands next to me.

“Try shooting it!”

I take an arrow out of the quiver and knock the arrow. I aim and shoot. I miss by a mile.

“You posture is all wrong! Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart! Don’t forget you need to compensate for gravity.”

I change my stance and try again. This time I manage to hit the target.

Skill: Archery Lv. 0 acquired.

As before gaining skills is way too easy. I immediately max it out. Also, since I’ll be using it a lot. I should be putting my archery skill in my public profile as well. I shoot another arrow. It hit the target right in the center. I shoot several more arrows. They too, all hit dead in the center.

“Don’t you ever show people you’re that OP. Hector is fine, you can trust him. But do be careful. But you should be practicing anyway. Your skill might allow you to shoot that precise. But you’re still way too slow. Nothing beats real experience.”

I have run out of arrows so I walk to the target to retrieve the arrows. When I almost reach the target the floor suddenly collapses below me!

“Owww! What gives?!”

Skill: Trap Detection Lv. 0 acquired.
Skill: Trap Setting Lv. 0 acquired.
Skill: Trap Disarming Lv. 0 acquired.

Hester breaks into laughter. The gained skills aren’t helping! Yes, I found the trap — by falling into it!

“Sorry, but I didn’t expect you to fall for that pitfall that easily. Just continue training for now. Be careful on your way back. I’ll be setting up more traps for you! You really need the training.”

She returns to the tower. More traps? I hope there will be none in the tree itself. This is going to be annoying. But I know she means well. I mean, the pitfall I’ve just fallen into wasn’t that deep. Even if it were my Fall Mitigation would have caught most of the damage. Anyway, I should be maxing out these skills as well.

Title: Master of Traps acquired.

Chapter 21: The Great Hunt

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