Preparations For Departure

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Today is our last day in the village. Hector and I have been called to elder’s house. There we were given our new equipment. Hector’s set is brown and made primarily of leather. My set is dark blue and primarily made from cloth. Both sets look somewhat plain, but analyzing them tells me they are quite high quality. Oh, they used materials from the Saber Fang Black Boar on these! Additionally, we get matching light emerald green head bands and overcoats.

“These sets are enchanted with Fortification Magic.”

Since my weapons are already high grade, I decline to get new weapons, for now at least. Instead, I opt for having rings for channelling magic. Our run-in with the boar has taught me, it’s better to be prepared. I was just lucky to efficiently enchant my arrows at that time. Hector has a mid-grade ring on him.

Especially while experimenting with magic I noticed having a medium makes casting magic much easier. So I received two rings: the one with the black jewel enhances Space Magic, the one with colourless one is a multipurpose ring. The cut on the jewels almost looks square from the top. This cut enhances the channelling properties of the rings. By the way, the brilliant-cut is considered a waste of jewel in this world. This world prefers another cut that sparkles even more, though what geometry that cut entails I haven’t found out yet.

“Bart was boasting these rings were his best work yet.”

Then, the elder hands us two necklaces. The necklaces have the emblem of the village engraved on them.

“Don’t ever loose these! They are enchanted so you can find each other if you are ever separated.”

Since our sizes were taken the days after the feast everything should fit perfectly. But to be sure, we change into the new gear to check.

“Oh, it really suits you!”

“It feels so perfect, it’s almost scary.”

“I know we have talented people in our village, but I agree with Swift, it’s almost scary.”

When we leave the elder’s house Bart is already waiting for us with our Plumel. They are outfitted with saddles that match our equipment. We are told to collect any feathers that our Plumel shed, store them and send them to the village from time to time. Guidance Charms made from the feathers fetch quite a price. The charms effectiveness isn’t increased by the feathers at all. It’s just a baseless rumour that the village uses to drive up the prices on Guidance Charms. It’s a necessary thing to do since it wouldn’t be profitable at all if the prices weren’t that high. They also tell us to only enchant silver and gold feathers with Grade 3 or higher spells to keep up the rumour.

As expected the children are very sad to hear they won’t be seeing Silber and Alfred for a while. It’s a good thing Bart’s Plumel, Boko, stays in the village.

Since I’m the one with the storage, I’m given supplies for two weeks along with several sleeping bags.

“Are you sure that’s not too much?”

“No need to worry about it! I have experimented with it before. Time doesn’t pass in my storage.”

“Is that so? In that case, why not bring several crates of Meki Fruit with you to the capital? With that freshness they will fetch you a good price there. Or you could eat then whenever you feel like it.”

“Should we do that, Hector?”

“Yeah, we should definitely do that. We accept your offer, dad!”

“Great, I’ll have the crates ready tomorrow morning!”

“Thanks a lot!”

With that, the preparations for our departure are done! Tomorrow, our life as adventurers begins!