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How to Train a Plumel

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It’s another day in the village. When we’re in the village, we either help out the villagers or we go hunting or we train. As always, I leave Alfred to Bart. The children have grown quite fond of Alfred. I’m worried about what will happen when Hector and I finally leave the village. Today, we planned for another hunt in the afternoon.

“Hector, can we get some Meki Fruits?”

“Yes, we can get some. Actually, my family just harvested some.”

“You should absolutely cook something with it!”

“OK, how about some cake before we go for some hunting?”

“Sounds great.”

A few hours later, Hector has finished baking cakes. He really enjoys cooking. He has made Black Meki Cake. It’s so delicious! While eating the cake, I secretly stash some slices in my storage.

“Like anything else you cook it tastes superb!”

“You have quite a sweet tooth.”

“Maybe, I do. But I really like Meki. I’d help you but any time I try making something it could kill people…”

“Don’t worry about it.”

After eating we clean up and prepare for the hunt in the afternoon. I lead the way to a certain lawn in the woods. I have spotted some Plumel around here some days ago.

“What are we hunting, Swift?”

“I wouldn’t exactly call it hunting. I have seen some Plumel around here some days ago.”

“Plumel? Are you implying we’re getting me a Plumel?”

“Of course! It’s part of the preparations for departure. Or you planning on running after Alfred?”

“And how are doing that? You do know taming Plumel is supposed to be hard?!”

“We lure them with this.”

I take out a slice of cake I stashed away.


“Black Meki Cake. As far as I know, Plumel love that stuff.”

Hector shakes his head.

“You told me before you fed Alfred some food when you contracted him. But still, this sounds like the stupidest idea I have ever heard. But I’ll stay and see what happens.”

I put the cake on the ground and sit down. I motion to Hector to sit down next to me.

“And now we wait.”

After a while, a flock of Plumel approaches us. After eying us for an hour or two, only one greyish-silver Plumel dares to get closer to us. It takes turns looking at us and the cake. After some hesitation, it eats the cake.

I analyze the Plumel.

Glossary: Silver Plumel

While Plumel commonly used as mounts and pack animals are bred, this specimen grew in the wilderness. Wild Plumel are very hard to tame. While not as sought after as the Gold Plumel, Silver Plumel are still a rarity. It is said they are as fast as Gold Plumel, though it is not as untiring the latter.

After the Plumel finishes the cake I put another slice of cake onto hectors hand and quietly tell him:

“Offer that cake to it.”

Hector holds out his hand to offer the cake to the Plumel. It comes closer to eat the cake from his hand.

“Now pet it.”

Hector does as I tell him. After it finishes eating, Hector seems to have a revelation.

“By Suscellu! Is it asking me to name it?”

“Yes, give it a name and you establish a contract.”

“Then I’ll call you Silber!”

There’s activity in the log, but I choose to ignore it. Instead, I analyze Hector.

Character Info: Hector

Age:   10
Race:  Hume
Level: 47


  • Monster Hunter
  • Plumel Tamer

Traits & Blessings

  • Protector Spirit
  • Rivalry Spirit
  • Limit Break


  • Sword Fighting Lv. 9
  • Cooking Lv. X
  • Fire Magic Lv. 5
  • Fortification Magic Lv. 1
  • Enhanced Mana Lv. 2
  • Familiar Magic Lv. 4
  • Riding Lv. 4

“You levelled up to fourdo-six (46). Plus, you gained both Familiar Magic and Riding Skills. Plus a title: ‘Plumel Tamer’”.

“That easy? This feels like cheating.”

“I wouldn’t call it cheating. Without your cooking, this would have never happened. Apparently, they only react like to really tasty food.”

“I have feeling Silber is telling me, she’s still hungry.”

“That’s the familiar link. Here, I still have one slice left. If we need more, I guess you are left with no other choice but bake some more.”

After Silber ate, we return to the village. Hector leaves Silber with Alfred at Bart’s place. It’s still afternoon, so I stay at Bart’s place while Hector proceeds to bake more cake. Now, he’s even more motivated! After another two hours, he returns with several cakes for both the Plumel and everyone else here.

Since Bart keeps pestering us over days how we managed to tame Silber, we tell Bart and the others about how we did it. He says he’ll try to tame a Plumel soon. He wants to get one before Hector and I leave the village. A few days later, I learn a lot a people tried to tame a Plumel with the method Hector and I used. But it looks like only Bart managed to succeed. It seems he used one of the cakes Hector brought over. Since his level was already higher, taming his Plumel Boko only gave him about 1 or 2 levels.

Even though I haven’t thought about it, as an added bonus for getting Silber, Hector doesn’t need pickup service in the morning anymore. So I can sleep two hours longer every other day! Sleep is justice!

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