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Creating Original Magic

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Several days later we’re again at Granny’s place. From what I see here at the tower Granny must be an otherworlder, too. I mean, this is the only place I’ve seen with a modern toilet and toilet paper. Everywhere else it’s just a pit toilet and something random as toilet paper replacement.

Each time we’re here, we learn or practice magic. I finally have gotten used to the traps Hester prepared in the house. I can even detect them early enough to warn Hector about them!

“That bookshelf is rigged. Don’t take out books from there yet!”

I fiddle around the shelf for a bit and disarm another trap.

“Seriously, she even went as far as trapping the library! Though I wonder if there is a trap disarming spell… Oh wait, I can just freeze space and temporarily disable traps!”

“As always, you come up with all kinds of unusual ideas for spells.”

Hector is right, my spells are unusual for this world. When I was reading spell books to prepare for the departure, I noticed they are what I’d call the basic set of RPG magic. So learning them was quite trivial, since I don’t need help to imagine what the spell should look like. So I only used them once to gain additional Magic Skills. Of course, I immediately max them out.

Hester suggested creating original spells based on what I feel I need instead. Over the last few days, I came up with spells like Thunder Cage and Realize. Realize was a hit. I can create toilet paper! Oh, I missed proper toilet paper so much! Even though I can create food with it, it doesn’t taste that good. At least it’s not lethal… Since teleporting multiple people using Space Magic is very taxing I tried transportation using Earth Magic. It wasn’t useful for transportation, but I’m sure I can use it to push away enemies quite far away. It’s fast and efficient, so I named that spell Landslide.

I also gained a “Researcher of Spells” Title. I tried coming up with other new spells but I ran out of inspiration. Instead of mindlessly combining concepts I shifted to doing all kinds of stuff and create new Spells on a whim. It seems to work. While I like to think my magic is anything I want I’m still restricted by the need to think about how to use what element to achieve what I want. Without that the efficiency of the spells plummets. Speaking the Spell also is just for focus sake. It’s possible to use magic without speaking the name, but the effects seem to set in with different timing making it harder do use. Hector, meanwhile, prefers chanting. I leave coming up with suitable chants to Hector, assuming he’s interested in learning the spells I create at all.

I find another rigged shelf.

“Here goes for nothing. Stasis!

I take a book from the shelf and it doesn’t collapse on me. I move towards the tables. After the spell fades, the books fall to the floor.

“Looks like that’s a success. Congratulations, Swift.”

“Thanks, Hector.”

I put away the books that have fallen to the floor.

“I have another idea, though.”

I find yet another rigged shelf.


I take a book from the shelf.


I create a prop from thin glass and put it in where the book was on the shelf. After Stasis wears out, the shelf doesn’t collapse. I go back to the tables.

Noticing my smug smile, Hector asks: “Why does the object look like it’s made of glass?”

“Glass is brittle. By doing this, I can remotely set off the trap. Shatter!

The glass prop shatters and the shelf collapses.

“Why would you want that?!”

“For now, just having the option is a seems like a good idea. From what I hear, we shouldn’t let our guard down when meeting other adventurers. If it comes to a push, we could use this and at least slow them down if we need to run away.”

“Need to run away? I’m surprised! I thought you’d be charging in and beating them black and blue if they were hostile.”

“If we can’t help it that’s what I’ll do. I’d even make them regret ever being born. But I’d rather avoid that. I don’t want to be seen as someone who just uses violence for everything. So some underhanded tricks might be needed.”

For some reason, Hector starts learning about loopholes in the law. I wonder why…

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