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Presenting The Big Game Ⅳ

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“Great. I’ll be announcing it later then. You should take your time and relax a bit. You’ll be busy later.”

“Hector, until the two of you depart, you will be having lessons with Swift at the Divine Tree every other day. On the days off, Swift will come to the village.”

“I’m happy to get to see Hector every day. But what am I gonna do in the village?”

“You can decide you want to do yourself.”

After finishing our tea, Hector and I leave the elder’s house. We find a quiet place and sit down to relax.

“Even, if you’re fine with it. I still feel the need to apologize, Hector. If you haven’t met me…”

“I’d be stuck living a boring life in this village. No thanks! Besides, if I were alone, I don’t think I had made it back. But here we are getting such a big game and presenting it. I love getting this chance to leave the village.”

“Couldn’t you do that anyway?”

“Yes, I could, but becoming a champion of the village is much better! We get the backing of the village!”

“Aren’t you afraid you might tire of being an adventurer someday?”

“You talk like an old man. Wait, you are!”

“With this body, I don’t feel like it. You’re always as old as you make yourself feel. And I feel like in my teens 1. But what’s the use of having lived longer anyway? I don’t have any knowledge about the world. Basically, I’ll have to rely on you, my friend.”

“In the end, we chose this path. I’m going on adventures with my friend. I don’t think I’ll tire of it that fast.”

By evening, the smell of grilled boar fills the whole village. Grilled boar. I smile while thinking of a certain childhood comic where they eat boar all the time. The whole village is gathered. And the Elder gives a long eloquent speech.

“…with that two boys from our village have ascended to adulthood.”

Everyone is clapping and cheering for us. You’re exaggerating. We just became adults. You’re making me feel like we had actually achieved something. Oh wait, we did. We felled a big monster. The elder looks to our direction. Everyone slowly calms down.

“I’m using this opportunity to give the two of you names.”

“I told you so.”

“For real?”

I can hear people whispering about. Is getting a name part of becoming a champion of the village?

“Hector, you are given the name Inigo. Swift, you are given the name Lynx.”

A wave of cheering.

“Hector Inigo and Swift Lynx, as we discussed earlier, you shall receive the role of Champion of the Village! We will make an exception this time and you will stay until we have prepared everything for you.”


Name: “Swift Lynx” gained.
Title: “Champion of Eisal” gained.
Trait: “Blessings of Suscellu” gained.
Skill: “Forest Magic” Lv. 0 gained.

  1. I was considering putting in “doos” here, but I have to stop editing every occurrence of the decimal system here. Just assume this is correctly translated by the Language Skill. 

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