Presenting The Big Game Ⅱ

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Arriving in Pete’s Shop, he greets us a big smile. Pete is a butcher. While you would imagine the typical butcher being a quite a ripped hunk Pete looks surprisingly plain. It’s not like he’s not strong he lifts his stuff like it’s nothing.

“Hey, welcome to my shop. I see the two of you are already back. Did you hunt something good?”

“Hi. Yes, we did. The game is quite big. Where can I take it out of my Dimensional Storage?”

“Big? Then take it out in the backyard.”

In the backyard, I take out the corpse. Pete’s rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

“Wait! This is too big to be a regular Black Boar… Hey, isn’t this a Saber Fanged Black Boar?!”

Hector grins.

“Yes, it is! Swift and I managed to kill it!”

“That’s quite big news! Who did you already tell about it?”

“Just Bart. I think he went to the Elder’s place to tell him about it.”

Just at that moment, the Elder comes in.

“Oh indeed, this is a Saber Fanged Black Boar. The two of you exceeded all expectations. We should have a feast tonight.”

With that, the whole village is in an uproar. It seems like the news spread like wildfire. The Elder turns to me.

“Though you’re one of today’s stars. Can I ask you to get Hester for the feast?”

“Of course, I’ll go and get her.”

I get over to Bart’s place. It seems the children have already left.

“Thanks for taking care of Alfred, Bart.”

“No problem. The children liked having him around. You’re getting Granny?”

“Yes, I am. See you later!”

I mount Alfred and we go back to the Tower. When we arrive there. Something tells me dangers radiates from around the door. I feel it coming from the floor. Is it another pitfall? Yes, seems like it. I dismount Alfred and I try using magic to fill up the pitfall with earth… It feels like I’m done. I step on the spot… and nothing happens. I open the door and enter. At that moment a bucket falls onto my head.

“Oh come on!”

I can hear Hester giggling. Frustrated, I take the bucket off my head.

“I have already said it before. But you seem to be enjoying this way too much! By the way, I’m back.”

“Welcome back. So how was your hunt?”

“Good, too good. We killed a Saber Fanged Black Boar. The village is having a feast tonight. I was asked to bring you to the village.”

“A Saber Fanged Black Boar? I see.”

We go out and I help Hester up onto Alfred. We ride back to the village. Have they been preparing this? It looks like the whole village changed in a matter of a few hours!

“There you are!” We were spotted by Hector. “Hello, Granny!”

It looks like Hector has already recovered from his levelling sickness.

“I was told the Elder wants a word with all the three of us when the two of you arrive.”

I whisper to Hector: “Are we in trouble?”

“I don’t think so. But the Elder sounded unusually serious.”