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Presenting the Big Game Ⅰ

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Hector smiles and casually responds. “Sure, just let me pet you from time to time.”

Unable to control myself, I break into tears and hug him tight.

“Pet me all you want. But don’t you dare to do that in public!”

“Yeah, sure.”

Smiling, Hector starts petting me on the head. After a while, I calm down a little.

“Thanks, Hector! It means a lot to me. Are you well enough to walk?”

“Yes, I should be OK if we take it slowly.”

“Hmm, I wonder why I don’t get levelling sickness.”

“I have heard heroes don’t experience levelling sickness at all.”

“Is that so?”

“You do need more common sense.”

“I haven’t even been here for a week. How can I have common sense? Anyway, let me store our big game. I wonder how the other villagers will react.”

I stand up and put our game, the Saber Fang Black Boar Corpse, into my storage. After that, I help Hector up and we slowly walk towards the village.

“They’ll be quite surprised, I think. Anyway, don’t tell anyone else about your real level, for now at least.”

“I shouldn’t? OK. Come to think of it, I need to update my public information. I think I’m setting it around yours just to be sure.”

Character Info: Swift Lynx

Race:Chitwer Ailurantrope

Public Profile

Name:Swift Lynx


  • Apprentice of the Witch of the Tower
  • Monster Hunter


Survival Skills

  • Trap Detection Lv. 10

Battle Skills

  • Danger Sense Lv. 10
  • Bow Mastery Lv. 7

Magic Skills

  • Familiar Magic Lv. 7
  • Space Magic Lv. 4
  • Lightning Magic Lv. 6
  • Riding Lv. 7

“That should take care of it.”

For some reason, Bart and Alfred are coming towards us when we arrive near the village. The children riding on Alfred.

“Hello again, Bart! How did you know we’re arriving?”

“I didn’t. It seems Alfred sensed you were coming back. He ran off with the children on top. I was just following them. How was the hunt? So seem to be in terrible shape. But you aren’t hurt either. So what happened?”

“Nothing much. Our prey was just a tad too big. So Hector is experiencing levelling sickness.”

“Levelling sickness? What on earth did you hunt to get levelling sickness?!”

“Calm down, Bart. Urgh! You’re giving me a headache! Remember the boar you were telling me about? It looks like it turned into a Saber Fang Black Boar.”

“By Suscellu! A Saber Fang Black Boar?! And you killed it with just the two of you??!”

“Yes, we did. Though Swift did the most work.”

“No, I didn’t. We both just blasted it with arrows and magic until it died.”

“So where is it now?”

“I have it in my Dimensional Storage.”

“You can already use Dimensional Storage?!”

No, I can’t. It’s just the storage function of my Menu trait. But telling people it’s Dimensional Magic makes it a lot easier to explain it to people.

“Why am I not surprised anymore? Oh yeah, both of you killed a Saber Fang Black Boar. You know what, I’ll go and tell the Elder about it. The two of you just go to Pete’s place and present it to him. Come, Alfred!”

Alfred hesitates. I pet him and tell him: “Be good and go with him, Alfred. We’ll manage, it’s just presenting the game, after all.”

They leave for the village. Hector and I make our way to Pete’s.

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