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The Coming of Age Hunt Ⅲ

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So it’s weaknesses are Fire Magic and Lightning Magic? Since Hector has an affinity for Fire Magic I should be using Lightning Magic. I take my bow and tie it to my hand so the bow doesn’t slip. I knock an arrow and try to enchant it with Lightning Magic. Oh, it works! Hopefully, it will paralyze it. I aim at the boar and shoot. I hit it. It seems to slow down. I continue shooting it to keep it away.

“How?! What?! How are you so good?!”

Hector seems to be quite flustered.

“I’d love to tell you about it, my friend. But we have a boar to kill! Just shoot it with Fire Magic! If the forest starts burning, I’ll do something about it.”

“OK. But don’t you dare evade that question later! Fire in my hand, to purify. Fireball! Fireball! Fireball!!

Hector shoots it with a barrage of fireballs. While I continue shooting it with lightning enchanted arrows. After a few minutes, though they felt like hours, the boar suddenly turns away. It is trying to flee? I won’t let it go!

“I think it’s fleeing. We can do this! We’re gonna have that boar for dinner!”

I charge another arrow. This time I put in a lot more magic into it than before. The arrow is vibrating. I shoot and hit the boar. It shrieks and falls.

“Is it dead?”

“Let me see.”

I check my Log. There’s no entry in the log indicating it was killed. Is it faking being dead?

“Shoot some more Fireballs at it just to be sure.”

Hector shoots the boar with another barrage of Fireballs. It shrieks again. Finally, there’s some activity in my log!

“Now it’s definitely dead.”


You felled Saber Fang Black Boar.
1,000,000 EXP gained.
Title: “Monster Hunter” gained.

“Urghh, I feel sick…”

“What’s up, Hector?!”

Hector looks like he about to throw up. Did he catch a debuff? I quickly analyze Hector.

Character Info: Hector



  • Monster Hunter

Traits & Blessings

  • Protector Spirit
  • Rivalry Spirit
  • Limit Break


  • Sword Fighting Lv. 9
  • Cooking Lv. X
  • Fire Magic Lv. 5
  • Fortification Magic Lv. 1
  • Enhanced Mana Lv. 2

“I can’t see anything wrong with you… You have gained quite a lot of levels. You levelled up to fourdo-deca (4X).”

“4X? So this is what levelling sickness feels like?! I thought they were just exaggerating! Urgh! But how do you even know my level? Oh wait, you have an Analysis skill, I remember.”

I support Hector before he collapses. Slowly I sit him down. He seems to be wary of me. Looks like I can’t avoid telling him about me. How will he react? I dread to think about what would happen if he were to fear me… Will he distance himself from me? I know Hester said, it should be OK to tell him… but still…

“You… also wanted to know how I’m so skilled, didn’t you? Are you in a state where you can listen? Can you take in even more surprising news today?”

“Yes… that should be possible. Though, I can’t see what should be more surprising than anything else at this point.”

I take a deep breath.

“OK… This is hard. I knew I’d have to tell you someday. And it’s better sooner than later. But this is quite a hard topic to talk about. Where do I begin?…”

Yeah, where do I even begin?

“So… basically, I was brought here from another world to become a hero here.”

“A Hero? That would explain a lot. Though I was already guessing something like that. Which god gave you their blessing? Suscellu? Or Glanuh? Or another god?”

Hector is surprisingly calm with this revelation. Blessing of a god? I don’t have any. I have never heard of these gods?

“Blessing of a god? I don’t know. For all I know, I died in my old world and got reborn in this body a few days ago!”

“I see, so… ” Hector looks to the distance. “What level are you?”

“I’m…” I hesitate. “Sigh… I’m level one gross and two (102).”

I look Hector in the eyes. I thought he might reject me for being this overpowered. He just smiles awkwardly. My heart sank.

“So you are awesome after all! In your own league… compared to a simple guy like me…, but still…”

Hastily, I interrupt him. I can feel I’m about to break into tears. From his words, I could guess he wouldn’t abandon me. But still, I have to ask just be me sure.

“No, that’s what’s I should be asking. I know, I’m quite an irregularity. I don’t know anything about this world. Would you still be my friend anyway?”


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