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The Coming of Age Hunt Ⅱ

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We arrive at a river. Why does this the place seem so familiar? I’m quite sure I have been here before! I discover the tree Alfred crashed against. I touch the marks that Alfred left behind on the tree.

“What’s up, Swift? You suddenly started smiling.”

“This is the place I met Alfred a few days ago. He had a knife stuck to him so he was quite angry. He ran against this tree. I removed the knife and gave him some food. And he just happened to have taken a liking to me so he became my familiar.”

“Just like that?”

Hector shakes his head in disbelief.

“Anyway, the boar should be further downstream.”

We follow the river downstream. After a while, we come by a campsite. It looks like it has been abandoned for a while. There’s a torn leather bag on the floor. Next to the bag, I can see a knife. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the same knife that was stuck in Alfred’s left wing.

Suddenly, I get a bad feeling coming down my spine.

“Something is coming.” I point to the direction where I sense the danger. “Hector, are you sure it’s just a boar? My Danger Sense skill tells me it’s quite dangerous.”

“Yeah, it should be a Black Boar. It’s more resilient than a Brown Boar. But it tastes a lot better.”

I immediately analyze as it comes into view.

Glossary: Saber Fang Black Boar

“A Saber Fang Black Boar. So it’s a Black Boar after all.”

I proceed to climb up a tree so I have a good position to shoot it.

“Swift, what are you doing?!”

For some reason, Hector seems to be panicking.

“Hunting a boar. Isn’t it that what we were coming here for?”

“It’s a Saber Fang Black Boar! This is nothing we can handle. We need to run! Fast!”

I’m still looking at the boar. It’s closing in quite fast. I shake my head.

“Is that so? It’s no use to run, then. It’s way too fast. So unless you have a better idea for shelter, you should climb up here as well.”

“How can you be so calm in this situation?!”

“Well, what use would it be to be panicking now? We need to survive somehow.”

Looks like we’re in quite a pinch…

“Hopefully, it has some weakness that we can exploit. Do you know of any?”

“None, that I know of.”

I try to analyze the boar again.

Glossary: Saber Fang Black Boar

After absorbing too way much mana, this Black Boar turned into a Saber Fang Black Boar. This transformation increased its health and stamina as well as improved its resistances. At the same time, its weaknesses were amplified as well.

„Well, my Analysis skill tells it has the same weaknesses as a regular Black Boar.”

“Then it’s Fire Magic or Lightning Magic, both are a bad idea in a forest.”

“At this point. Do we have any other choice? In the worst case, we can start a fire to distract it to flee. Or jump into the river. Can you swim?”

“No, I can’t!”

“Oh, so fleeing into the river is not an option…”

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