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The Coming of Age Hunt Ⅰ

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The next day, I’m woken up by a bad feeling. When I open my eyes I’m about to again rudely woken up by Shower. I try to stop it, but it’s too late. I’m already soaking wet… It’s not a great time getting woken up with cold water, but then I did ask to get waken up on time — I need to be at Eisal Village at nine. I make my way downstairs.

“Oww! Why would you put that there?!”

On my way down, I fell down the stairs. I haven’t tripped over my feet: there is a trick step in the stairs. Hester hasn’t been kidding when she said there would be traps everywhere in the house now! Seems like my Trap Detection Skill hasn’t picked up that trap. Of course, now it does… This seems like such a useless skill… I do hope the detection does get better with practice.

“Good Morning, Swift!”

“Good Morning, Granny!”

“I have prepared a lunch basket for the two of you. Take it with you. Have fun with hunting.”

I store the lunch basket in my inventory.

“Thanks a lot. I’m off! Ouch! Oh, come on!”

There was a pitfall right in front of the door. I only noticed it just before the ground collapsed below me. Again, Hester breaks out in laughter. Since I’m not injured I simply brush it off.

I get Alfred, feed him and ride to Eisal Village. When I arrive there, Hector is already waiting for us at the village gate.

“Good Morning, Hector!”

“Good Morning, Swift!”

I leave Alfred to one of the adults, Bart. Bart has brown hair, in a hairstyle I can only describe as very wild for an adult, even for a kid I’d say. He’s the easy-going type. The village kids were asking to play with Alfred. Since Bart will be watching the kids while they do I don’t have a problem leaving him there.

“Have fun with the kids, Alfred.”

Hector and I leave the village and make our way to the forest.

“I meant to ask: How come this forest safe to hunt in?”

“Avan Forest is the forest around the Divine Tree. It radiates a sanctuary so monsters generally avoid the area. That’s also the reason why our village is so safe. Monsters can still appear despite the sanctuary. Those usually are more gentle than usual. Even then, an aggressive monster can appear. And very rarely a very dangerous one appears. The last time it happened, the current village Elder killed it. There haven’t been any incidents ever since.”

“I see. So what are we going to hunt today?”

“I heard an aggressive boar is roaming around in the woods. The others say it’s chasing away the Plumel in the area. So it should be dealt with as soon as possible. If left alone it might come near the village and ruin the fields.”

“So why haven’t the adults taken care of it already? Didn’t they go hunting a few days ago?”

“It’s a coming of age custom here. Since you’re the same age as me, it’s your coming of age hunt as well.”

A coming of age custom? That’s doesn’t sound good! Aren’t those usually somewhat dangerous? It seems my thoughts show on my face as Hector adds:

“Don’t worry. In the worst case, we get some heavy injuries, but nothing lethal. Come to think of it, I should have told you about the custom. I’m sorry. It just slipped my mind you didn’t know about it. Come on! The adults say it should be around that direction.”

Hector points in that direction and starts walking there. Reluctantly, I follow him. I hope this goes well! I have a really bad feeling about this…

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