Lesson Ⅳ — Hunting with Archery and Traps

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I take out my Choice Boxes of Basic Weapons that I received and use them. I choose a set of 10 (twelve) throwing daggers. There are even two waist bags included where I can put the daggers. For the other weapon, my gaze is drawn to a wax wood bow. I have never seen a wax wood tree. Neither in this life nor in the previous life. But I have heard wax wood to be a flexible and resilient material. But as far as I know, it’s very expensive.

“A Wax Wood Bow. Why ever is that is an item in a Choice Box of Basic Weapons?”

“A Wax Wood Bow? What colour is the Wax Wood?”

I read the description.

“It says White Wax Wood. Is that good?”

“White Wax Wood is a variant of ash. Which is a very good wood to build weapons from. Grey Wax Wood is a variant of olive. It looks nice but the wood is not so great for weapons. But they could also just dye the wood white and call it white Wax Wood, too. It’s going to be a gamble.”

“OK. Let’s see what it is.”

I choose the bow. I look briefly at the time I received.

“I can’t see any knots. That’s a good start, I think. But I don’t have any knowledge further than that.”

“Let me have a look at it then.”

I hand her the bow. She examines it.

“It’s a good bow. You Chitwer really do have all the luck!”

She gives me back my bow. and also hands me a quiver with arrows. I think she just pulled that out of her storage. She moves over to a nearby stump and draws a target on it. She comes back and stands next to me.

“Try shooting it!”

I take an arrow out of the quiver and knock the arrow. I aim and shoot. I miss by a mile.

“Next Lesson: Your posture is all wrong! Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart! Don’t forget you need to compensate for gravity. And when you’re hunting you need to compensate for the moving target as well!”

I change my stance and try again. This time I manage to hit the target.


Skill: Archery Lv. 0 acquired.

As before gaining skills is way too easy. I immediately max it out. Also, since I’ll be using it a lot. I should be putting my Archery skill in my public profile as well. I shoot another arrow. It hit the target right in the center. I shoot several more arrows. They too, all hit dead in the center.

“Don’t you ever show people you’re that OP! Hector should be fine, you can trust him. But do be careful. Your skill might allow you to shoot that precise. But you’re holding your bow way too hard! Lighten up your grip! And you’re too slow. Nothing beats real experience so keep on training.”

I shoot until I have run out of arrows so I walk to the target to retrieve the arrows. When I almost reach the target the floor suddenly collapses below me!

“Owww! What gives?!”


Skill: Trap Detection Lv. 0 acquired.
Skill: Trap Setting Lv. 0 acquired.
Skill: Trap Disarming Lv. 0 acquired.

Hester breaks into laughter. The gained skills aren’t helping! Yes, I found the trap — by falling into it! Just like that the rogues of a certain Western RPG. The game wasn’t bad. But the rogues were useless! They always found the traps way too late, namely after your character stepped into them.

“Sorry, but I didn’t expect you to fall for that pitfall that easily. Just continue training for now. Be careful on your way back. I’ll be setting up more traps all over the house for you by tomorrow! You really need the training.”

Still laughing, she returns to the tower. More traps? I hope there will be none in the tree itself. This is going to be annoying! I wonder if she really means well. I mean, the pitfall I’ve just fallen into wasn’t that deep. Even if it were my Fall Mitigation would have prevented most of the damage. But she seems to be enjoying this way too much! Anyway, I should be maxing out these skills as well.


Title: Grandmaster of Traps acquired.

Let’s hope this helps…