Lesson Ⅲc — Mana Manipulation and Talking About Skills

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The next day Hester continues the lesson by giving me several rods of varying diameters.

“Take the thickest one. And channel your mana through it. Hold back. We don’t want these rods exploding.”

I do as Granny says. The whole rod glows red.

“Too much! You’re coating it with Spell Blade!”

I concentrate on throttling my output. Slowly the glow on the rod fades leaving only the glow at the tip.

“Good. Now keep it at that level. For half an hour.”

This is surprisingly hard. Each time I think I got the hang of it my output destabilizes. I try looking at it with Mana Perception. I see the Mana flowing linearly through the rod. In the middle of the rod, the flow avoids the centre. I try forcing my mana to flow through the centre. Oh! My output stabilizes.


Skill: Spell Blade Lv. 0 acquired.
Skill: Mana Control Lv. 0 acquired.
Skill: Mana Manipulation Lv. 0 acquired.

Neat! I max the skills out. When I look at it, my skills are now sorted in categories: Survival Skills, Language Skills, Battle Skills, Magic Skills and Craft & Utility Skills. Neat.

I take the thinnest rod and try flowing a little bit of my mana through it. As before, the end of the rod glows.

“You got the hang of if way too quickly. How many skill points do you have?”

“A lot. Now that we’re talking about it, I meant to ask you about Skills and Skill Points.”

I tell her about my skills and how I get them.

“I see. Usually, each time you level up you get the number of your new level coins flips worth of Skill Points. Depending on the skill, it costs up to its current skill level to level up one level. The usual maximum in level ten. But as with all I have said. Everything is subject to change by racial traits and other traits. Skill levels one to three are beginner level, four to six are intermediate level, seven to nine are expert, anything above that is mastery.

So the fact you’re such a cheat is probably due to your traits. Gaining Skills that fast, needing only one point per Skill Level and even reaching level twelve. Every one of these would be a big boon on its own. And yet you have all three of those, possibly even more!”

It seems I’m even more OP than I thought.

“So since we’re done with this so fast, is there anything you want to do with our free time? By the way, you can put in the skill points into your magic skills now if you want. You still need to learn the spells though. But we can do that later. The gist for using magic is: if you can imagine it, you can make it work with magic. It’s like they say: the sky is the limit. You just need to imagine it while letting the magic flow.”

I immediately max out my higher levelled magics. Come to think of it, I should max out everything. I have noticed from time to time mind isn’t what it’s used to be. I’m too easily distracted. As if I really turned into a kid again!

“It’s completely normal for your mind to regress to that of child. That’s just how it is when you are stuck in the body of child.”

Seeing my confused face she adds.

“I just guessed from your face what was probably weighing on your mind. Even if you had a good poker face in the past, now you certainly don’t your face like an open book.”


Title: Grandmaster of Magic acquired.

Wow, another title! I wonder if titles do anything at all, I’ll experiment with it later. But first, I need to prepare for tomorrow!

“Sure. Can you show me how to use a bow? Hector invited me to go hunting tomorrow.”

“A Bow? Sure. Are you planning on becoming a Magic Bowman or a Magic Rogue?”

“Why not? I like the sound of it, especially Magic Rogue. So I need a bow, short swords and throwable daggers. I think my initial greater affinities would come in handy with that. But first I want to master the bow. After all, we’re going hunting.”