Our First Lesson in Magic!!

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“Hector, close your eyes and focus on the orb.”

I close my eyes and try to concentrate on the orb in my hands. After a while, red light fades in. It’s very blurry but I can make out several lights shining. Not only red, but I can also see some brown light mixed in there. The lights move randomly. For some reason, the brown ones are closer to the edge of my vision.

I open my eyes.

“Red with brown glow near the hands. It seems Hector has an affinity for Fire Magic. While most beginner teachers would say he has some affinity for Earth Magic as well I’m not so sure. Instead, I think it’s an affinity to Fortification Magic.”

So have I have an affinity for Fire and Fortification Magic. I can use Fire Magic to attack and Fortification Magic to protect myself. Quite a good draw I got there! So it’s Swift’s turn now. Given he’s Granny’s apprentice he should have something awesome. But then I hear it’s quite hard to use magic if you have too much talent in it.

He takes the orb and… lots of colours appear in the orb and they coming together! What a blinding light! Is it me? Or are the lights gathering even outside the orb? I look harder at the orb. In the center, there is a silver glowing ball. From that ball, several coloured bend lines, spirals, stretch out. Granny seems to be worried. Is that how it should look for a talented mage?

Granny says Swift has an affinity for all kinds of magic, especially with Space Magic.

Space Magic? Isn’t that like one of rarest affinities? Congratulations, Swift.”

I pet him on his head.

“Thanks, Hector. Why do you keep petting me on my head? I’m not a small kid.”

“Oh sorry, I just can’t help it.”

Yes, I just can’t help it. Swift is just way to so cute to resist the urge of petting him. Even if he looks at me with that look of disapproval. It just makes him much cuter! Hester says we would need to meditate a lot to improve our connection to our magic plane. So that’s the reason why she had me practise meditation!

“Hector, you know that place already. Would you go there first and start meditating without us.” Hester glances in Swift’s direction. “I need to talk to Swift for a bit.”

It looks like I have guessed. Swift seems to have a lot of talent in magic and he needs a special lesson due to that talent.

“OK, I’ll be off then. See you later.”

I move to a lawn behind the Divine Tree and sit down to meditate. From what I remember reading at Granny’s library, you can bring order to your magic plane while meditating so you can access your power more easily. Let’s try ordering as I saw in Swifts plane! Just because I have fewer affinities I’m not going to lose to Swift! I concentrate. I have a big red orb in the centre already. So I need to move the rest to lines around the centre. It’s quite hard. Surprisingly, the brown mist and lights move more easily than I thought they would. I thought they would prefer to stay at the edge.

I proceed to try to bring order to my magic plane. After I condensed my brown parts to two lines I start concentrating on the red parts. For some reason, it’s now easier to move the red parts! But I’m exhausted! I’ll try to align the red parts the next time I meditate. I think it’s about time to prepare lunch anyway.

I open my eyes. Swift is sitting opposite to me and is eying me.

“What’s the matter, Swift?”

“Hester says I need to get Magic Perception first. She says looking at you while you meditate should do the trick.”

“So you’re too talented with magic?”

“Looks like it.”