Lesson Ⅲa — About Mana Perception and Mana Control

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I don’t think I have a reason to hide this from her. After all, she is already helping me a lot.

“I haven’t looked at it yet. Let me check this really quick.”


Skill: Space Magic Lv. 3 acquired.
Skill: Dark Magic Lv. 2 acquired.
Skill: Lightning Magic Lv. 2 acquired.
Skill: Wind Magic Lv. 2 acquired.
Skill: Fire Magic Lv. 1 acquired.
Skill: Water Magic Lv. 1 acquired.
Skill: Earth Magic Lv. 1 acquired.
Skill: Light Magic Lv. 1 acquired.
Trait: Deep Thought acquired.
Skill: Enhanced Mana forcefully upgraded to Lv. 8.

“I got 8 magic skills: Space Magic Lv. 3, Dark Magic Lv. 2, Lightning Magic Lv. 2, Wind Magic Lv. 2, Fire Magic Lv. 1, Water Magic Lv. 1, Earth Magic Lv. 1, Light Magic Lv. 1. So why would it make it harder to train magic if I max it now?”

“You saw what happened with the orb even with those small levels. You overloaded it with magic. Until you can properly control your magic you will always pull too much energy or waste it. Plus you’d stick out too much. Do you have some other skill related to magic? Those skills still don’t explain why the orb was overloaded.”

“I have Enhanced Mana Lv. 8. Oh, I have gained the Deep Thought trait.”

“Lv. 8? Plus Deep Thought, that doesn’t explain anything… You must have quite a high intelligence status. Well anyway, I was trying to avoid this: you will only be training to limit your mana for now. I wanted to avoid this since it’s hard, very hard and I can’t do anything about it. You definitely need that training!”

Now, being this overpowered backfires. I guess I have no other choice but to power through it.

“Oh, OK. And how do I do that?”

“Simple, at least in theory, you need to learn how to sense Mana, gaining Mana Perception. And then train to regulate your Mana, that will hopefully end up as a Mana Control skill. It might just take a while. The tricky part is actually gaining that ability. For now, just look at Hector when he’s meditating. Mana should be gathering around him. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the details of sensing Mana. So good luck, you’re already on your own.”

“OK. I have some questions. Would you answer them later after Hector left?”

“I guess, I can’t help it… After today’s lessons then.”

With that Hester gestures me to go to where Hector is.

I got to the lawn and sit down opposite to where Hector is sitting. He seems to in deep meditation. I guess he’s used to this. So Mana should be gathering around him. I can’t see anything. Hector is working up quite a sweat. Since just looking at Hector doesn’t do anything right now, I might just as well appraise him.

Character Info: Hector



  • No Titles

Traits & Blessings

  • Protector Spirit

That’s a surprise! A Trait? I wonder what it does… But didn’t Hector say he was twelve? Why does it say he was ten?!