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Affinity to Magic — the Multicoloured Galaxy

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I close my eyes. Darkness. I can’t see anything but my eigengrau. I try to concentrate on the orb in my hand. Like I do when I play online games. I don’t know if you should be bragging about it but I had a talent in my previous life. I could get into the flow — or the “zone” as some people call it — quite easily. Just moments after starting. I already forget the fact I’m playing and moving my character becomes natural. No thinking about what button to press to do what action. Just acting like there is no interface between me and the game.

Oh! Several galaxies fade in and come closer. In the centre of those galaxies, there are things that look like black holes. But they aren’t. They aren’t black. They’re shining in different colours. So it can’t be black holes. The galaxies collide. The collision creates a lot of light. It’s blinding. I try to close my eyes but I can’t. They are already closed! But I try anyway. I’m somewhat out of the flow again.

Concentrating again, the light has finally calmed down and there is one single galaxy left. In the centre the “hole” glows in a silver shade, around it I see several spirals coming out in all spatial directions. The spirals are not identical. Some are bigger. Some are smaller. Some are denser. Some are quite thin. But each spiral has a distinct colour. The densest spirals are violet, purple, grey and silver.

I want to observe this multicoloured galaxy more. I want to check out the spirals. But I can hear some slight cracking and trickling. I open my eyes. The orb is crumbling to dust in my hands. A few moments later there is nothing left of the orb.

“Did I do that?”

My log has filled with a lot of messages. Let look at them later.

“Yes, I expected this would happen. That’s why I had Hector go first. Good thing that thing had a safety layer to it. Else it would have exploded. So you got a rainbow. And quite some power as well. This is a problem…”

“Granny, why you call it a rainbow? All I could see were several coloured dots in a mass of silver. That even extended outside the orb!”

“I just call it a rainbow because there are some many colours like in a rainbow. That would quite interesting to actually see a rainbow in such an orb. So Swift got affinity with all elements. It’s just stronger with Space Magic.”

Space Magic? Isn’t that like one of rarest affinities? Congratulations, Swift.”

Hector starts patting me on my head.

“Thanks, Hector. Why do you keep petting me on my head? I’m not a small kid.”

“Oh sorry, I just can’t help it.”


“Well, back to the lesson: what you just saw when you concentrated was your magical plane. Using magic involves taking magic power from it and putting that power to use. Since you need to able to draw magical energy from that dimension, we will just concentrate on connecting to that plane. So you will be meditating to practice connecting to it. A lot. Also meditating recovers your mana.”

“I see, that’s why you have me practice meditating a lot when you tutor me.”

Hester looks at Hector.

“Hector, you know that place already. Would you go there first and start meditating without us. I need to talk to Swift for a bit.”

“OK, I’ll be off then. See you later.”

Hector leaves in the direction of a lawn behind the Divine Tree. Hester looks at me with a troubled expression.

“I know I said I don’t care about your skills. But seeing that changed my mind. So? Would you please enlighten me to what skills you gained?”

Oh, what do I do now?

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