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Lesson Ⅲ: Lunch Duty and Affinity to Magic

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After picking up Hector, we return to the tower in the Divine Tree. Granny Hester was already waiting for us. Shower was nowhere to be seen. Where was it all the time anyway? I hadn’t seen it before today at all!

“There you are! I have already prepared breakfast.”

Before we go inside, I give Alfred some Kuikagel food that Granny made. Inside, we have another hearty breakfast, with eggs sunny side up and bacon. I haven’t been admiring it as much yesterday, but Granny’s food really good!

“Swift, since Granny made breakfast does that mean you’re responsible for lunch? I’m looking forward to it.”

“Me?! Do you think that’s a good idea?”

I start to panic. I had already set the kitchen on fire yesterday. It’s a good thing the Divine Tree is somewhat fireproof else I would have thrown the whole world into chaos by messing up some cooking! Even though I managed to cook something not gaining the cooking skill was a problem: instead, I got both the Alchemy Skill and the Toxicology Skill. After maxing the latter out, I was able to identify my food to be highly toxic. Good thing Hester had some familiars high poison immunity to dispose of it!

“Better not. This kitten can only produce lethal poison or deadly tastes when he cooks — assuming the house doesn’t burn down first. Or the Divine Tree for that matter. For some reason though, he can do Alchemy just fine. And Toxicology.”

“Yes, I’m kinda bad at cooking. I’m sorry.”

Embarrassed, I look down to the floor. Hector must be disappointed.

“Let me take care of lunch duty then!”

Hector gently pats me. He slightly touches my ears. I can barely stop myself from purring. I look at him. For some reason, he has a devious grin on his face.

“Since that is settled, let’s start today’s lesson. Let’s go outside!”

Hector and I follow Granny outside.

“Today I’m going to teach you the basics of magic. Even if you end up not having any talent for strong magic. You can learn how to defend against magic by learning the basics.”

Hester shows us a crystal ball.

“Can you look into the future with that?”

“Not with this one at least. This one is to determine what kind of magic you have an affinity for. Hold this, Hector.”

She hands Hector the orb.

“Hector, close your eyes and focus on the orb.”

After a while, the crystal orb glows red and brown. Mostly red, but a little brown near where is holding the crystal.

“Red with brown at the hands. It seems Hector has an affinity for Fire Magic. While most beginners teachers would say he has some affinity for Earth Magic as well. Though I’m not so sure. I think it’s an affinity to Reinforcement Magic.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Swift. That’s just my experience. Now your turn.”

She takes the ball from Hector and gives it to me while whispering: “If you get a Magic Skill, don’t max it. It’ll only make the training harder if you do.”

I close my eyes and concentrate on the crystal ball in my hand.