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Rushing to Eisal Village in the Morning

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The following early morning I was rudely awakened. I got water splashed into my face. Hastily, I open my eyes. I blue liquid-filled slime comes into my view. It looks just like the slime from a certain Korean MMO in my old life, just it’s filled with liquid. It spouts water at me.

“OK! OK! I’m awake!”

I look at the time in my interface.

“Yawn! It’s not even 8 o’clock yet! Can’t you let me sleep any longer?”

“Didn’t you want to pick up Hector today? You really are a fast sleeper. I gave up on waking you normally and had to resort to asking Shower to help me. Get up! You’re already late!”


“Well, usually Hector gets here by 9 o’clock.”

“What?! He does? I have to hurry!”

I quickly get up and get myself cleaned. Of course, I trip over my own feet fall down the stairs. I still haven’t gotten completely used to my small body yet.


“Relax! You’re not that late! And even if you were — hurrying and falling down the stairs doesn’t make you any faster. But then, given you are a Chitwer, I might give you some speed advantage if you roll like a potato.”


I’ve fallen down the next set of stairs. I mount Alfred and make my way to Eisal Village to pick up Hector. It’s quite a rush but thanks to Alfred not a big deal. When I arrive at the village Hector was already waiting for me at the entrance.

“Good morning, Swift!”

“Good morning, Hector! I hope, I’m not too late.”

“I haven’t been waiting long. I just got here. Though I was kind of worried it might take you until noon to come here. I heard some Ailurantropes can be very fast sleepers.”

“Well, to be honest, if I haven’t been woken up by Granny I’d still in bed now, sleeping like a log. I’m quite grumpy in the mornings. I thought you would usually get there by noon or so. My fault, I should have asked. I would have picked you up either way. I was just… unprepared. And ouch… falling down the stairs still hurts. Hey! No jokes about Chitwers and rolling!!”

I looked at Hector as he bursts into laughter.

“I’m glad you got up just to pick me up then.”

He continues laughing.

“I’m relieved. I thought since you are Granny’s apprentice you must be quite a perfect being. Seeing you having flaws like this make me feel more comfortable. It just seems you have a special talent that Granny requires of her apprentices.”

“Apprentices? Did she have one before?”

“Not to my knowledge. You must be the first. I just know she and the Village Elder have been travelling together when they were younger. And that’s all I know. The two of them don’t talk much about their adventures. All the villagers know are stories travellers that come here tell. The only comment two of them give on stories is always: ‘It’s been quite a while since that time.’ Even the other elderly in this village don’t really want to talk about the stories. I just wonder why…”