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Sleepy Kitten

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📕 Chapter 01: Life in Avan Forest

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published on 2019-03-16 written by 0xReki

Basic Fire Magic
Shoots a Bolt of Fire Element Magic

Basic Ice Magic
Shoots a Bolt of Ice Element Magic


A small Fire appears and flies off hitting a nearby tree not even remotely in the direction I wanted the fire to go.


Another Fire appears and, too, flies off hitting a nearby another tree not even remotely in the direction I wanted the fire to go. I try shooting several more fireballs. The trees slowly catch fire. Oh, I should have known I might burn the whole forest with fire magic!! In Panic, I look to Shower. Shower spouts water at the tree and extinguishes the fire. Phew, good thing I have Shower with me! My aim using spells is totally off. I need some other method. A Spell for enchanting my weapon with Ice Element would be great!

Basic Ice Magic
This Spell temporarily imbues Ice Element Magic to an item.

I get my Bow and nock an arrow.


I can feel cold energy on my bow. I aim at the bear, at least I try to. But the bear is nowhere to be seen. Apparently, it has sensed the fire and has left. I shoot at the tree where the bear was before. Ice forms on the spot where I hit the tree. Aside that nothing else happens. So what do I do now?

Ambient Music: Line Of Fire

Line Of Fire by Audionautix is licensed unter CC-BY 4.0