The New Guy in Eisal Village

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It’s a normal day like any other day around here and, as always, I’m bored. To ease my boredom, I practice sword swings. Granny suggested to me taking up sword fighting years ago. She refused to take me as her apprentice. I wouldn’t be able to handle it, she said. So after me keeping bugging her despite that she finally agreed to tutor me. She teaches me sword fighting and cooking.

I can see my mother hurrying my way. She seems excited.

“Hector! Hector! There’s a new guy in the village! Granny took an apprentice! And he seems to be close to your age. Younger, but quite close to your age.”

“She did? Where is he?”

“They seemed to be going to the elder’s house.”

“Thanks for telling me, mom. I got to go!”

I get moving to the elder’s house. I can see him. A boy about close to my age! He has black hair and amber eyes. And he got cat ears! He walks along his Kuikagel. Something seems special about this one. I mean it’s spherical like the usual ones… The colour! It’s gold yellow! Isn’t that the rarest type of Kuikagel? Did he capture it himself?

“That’s quite a Kuikagel you got there! Did Granny capture it? By the way, I’m Hector. My mother told me someone close to my age has come to the village. What’s your name?…”

I was interrupted.

“Hello, Hector! I’m Swift. Calm down! You act like you have waited years to find someone your age to get acquainted with. I have just become Granny’s apprentice yesterday. I’m currently introducing myself to the villagers. And no, I contracted Alfred myself.”

So he contracted it himself! He’s definitely capable! That’s to be expected from Granny’s apprentice.

“Sorry. Well, to be honest, there hasn’t been anyone even close my age in this village. So you’re Granny’s apprentice. That means we’ll be meeting often. Once a week, I go to Granny for some tutoring. How old are you?”

“I’m twelve. I’m half Chitwer, so I stopped growing one or two years ago. How about you?”

A mixed Chitwer Ailurantrope?

“Oh? I thought you’d be younger. Turns out you’re only close to my age but the same age as me. Come, let me introduce you to the other villagers.”

The other villagers like them a lot. Why wouldn’t they? The little kids to seem to want to touch Swift’s ears a lot. Surprisingly, he lets them touch them. When one kid suddenly starts petting them he starts purring. So cute! Him turning red makes even more adorable. I don’t care about how capable he is. Maybe I should pet his ears myself!

After meeting all the villagers, it’s already the late afternoon. Swift, Alfred and I go to the Elder’s house. The Elder and Granny Hester are already waiting for us.

“I see the two of you have met. I hope you can be friends. If you’re done for today, we should get going.”

“No need to worry. I’m coming tomorrow for tutoring anyway. So we’ll be meeting more often. I think Swift is looking forward to it.”

“Shall I come and fetch you? On Alfred, you’d be there in no time at all.”

“You’d do that?! Please do. See you tomorrow then!” Hector seems excited. Swift and Granny mount Alfred.

“See you tomorrow! Goodbye!”


I’m looking forward to tomorrow.