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Sleepy Kitten

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1-11: Let's try Hunting! Ⅰ

published on 2019-03-04 written by 0xReki

Anyway, let’s try hunting. I get the items out of the mails. Good thing the knives came with belt knife holders! I equip the quiver and the holders. Now, what do I do with the potions? I have to holders for potions but I can’t carry 40 bottles with me! I have that gaming interface! Do I have an Inventory?

A new window appears. An Inventory window. And it already has some items in it.


  • Item: Unending Pouch of Water
  • Item: 10x Bundle of Hay
  • Item: Sheet
  • Item: Set of Beginner Tools

I put a Stamina and a Health Potion into the holder and the other potions into my inventory. I don’t even have to touch them. I just need to think about it. Neat! But somehow 5 of my Health Potions are unaccounted for! I look down on the floor and see 5 empty potion bottles next to my pink Slime.

“Did you just drink 5 Full Health Potions? Those weren’t all for you. Especially not 5 of them at once!”

Happily, the Slime jumps. It’s just so adorable! But what a glutton it is! I should be more careful with my stuff with that pink Slime around. Come to think of it I still haven’t named him.

“Too late to cry over spilled milk. So where can we go hunting? Are there any deer or boars here in the forest?”

As if to answer me the Pink Slime jumps onto my head. Shower begins jumping in a certain direction. I follow Shower for a few minutes and see a brown bear eating Maple Sap from a Maple Tree. I climb a tree and take an arrow from the quiver and try taking aim with the bow. Although I have never held a bow in my hand before it just feels natural to me. I aim at bear… and shoot. I hit it on the back. The bear turns around and… turns back to eat. I jump some treetops closer to have a better look at it. I notice it’s blue and armoured on the back. Is it really that armoured bear from that game where you hunt monsters? I suck at that game, I mean I really do… But I need to eat! Unless I want to become a vegetarian, I will have to hunt.

I jump a few treetops to the side. Do I have any good Fire or Ice Spells?

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