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1-10: Skills

published on 2019-03-03 written by 0xReki

Come to think of it, I still haven’t checked out what kind of skills I have.

Character Info: Swift Lynx
A 10-year old Hebanu Ailurantrope boy.


  • Obsessive Learning
  • Adaptability
  • ???
  • ???


  • Active Skills
    • Super Secret Base Lv.  1 ( 50% EXP)
  • Passive Skills
    • Grand Source of Knowledge Lv.  1 (109% EXP)
    • Enhanced Health Lv.  4 (  0% EXP)
    • Enhanced Mana Lv.  6 ( 75% EXP)
    • Enhanced Stamina Lv.  9 (  1% EXP)
    • Enhanced Rest Lv.  9 (  1% EXP)
    • Earth Magic Lv.  1 (299% EXP)
    • Taming Magic Lv.  1 (255% EXP)


  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

I guess the Grand Source of Knowledge refers to my interface. Aside from my status enhancements, everything is as I expected it to be. What’s with the EXP for some of my skills?! Those are over 100%! Is there a requirement for levelling them up?

Trait: Obsessive Learning
Gained EXP is pooled. Pooled EXP grows faster but is not immediately applied. The pool is applied when the pool isn’t filled for at least one day.

No wonder I haven’t gotten better with digging with the Grind Spell! Does that mean to level up my interface I have to refrain from using it for a day?! But how do I do that? It’s passive skill — I can always see it — even when I close my eyes! So the only greater cheats I currently have are Enhanced Stamina and Enhanced Rest. I do have Enhanced Health and Enhanced Mana, but those aren’t that high level. And there those to unknown Traits and Blessings I have. Do I need to level up my interface or is there some other requirement for me to see them?

No reaction. This interface is really strange…