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Lesson Ⅱ — Basics of Herbology

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After a few days, just after breakfast, Hester and I go outside the tree for the next lesson. I’m wearing a set of dark blue clothes with an emerald green cloak and an emerald headband. Apparently, the latter two items are a symbol of me being Hester’s apprentice, though she never explicitly confirmed it. My pants all have a hole in the back for my tail. The position and size of the hole actually matters! If it’s too big it feels breezy. It’s so great the pants from the Choice Boxes are a perfect fit! I tried wearing some pants Hester adjusted for me. When the holes were too small or the hole was in the wrong position… let’s say it wasn’t a good time. Thankfully, using one of the pants that fit as a template Hester was able to fix the other pants. But back to the current lesson:

“Granny, what are we doing?”

“Picking Herbs. Today, you’ll be learning the basics of Herbology. Do you have a sickle?”

I look into my inventory.

“I have received a set of basic tools. I guess there should be one in there.”

I use the item. A toolbox appears. I take a sickle from it. Hester points to a certain plant. It has lots of small yellowish-white flowers forming a disk and very few leaves evenly distributed through over the height of the plant.

“Let’s begin with easier plants. This is Mara. There are many colours of that plant. The whiter the colour the more potent it is. We only need the flower itself, so cut it near the top. I guess we need four dozen of those.”

Collect them and put them into to basket.

Now Hester points to another flower, this one is rose-coloured. The leaves are all near the ground. The yellow part of the flower looks like a spiny hedgehog.

“This is Roka. Here we need the leaves. Cut off only a few leaves per plant. I guess we need about two dozen those. Both of these plants are most effective when they are harvested in the morning.”

I also collect those and put them into the basket.

“That should be enough for this week. Let’s go inside.”

I put my sickle back into my toolbox and carry the toolbox inside. Hester shows me how to properly grind the herbs using a mortar and pestle. I get a mortar and pestle from the toolbox and mix the petals of two Mara flower with one Roka leaf and grind them to a paste before filling that paste into a small container.


Skill: “Herbology” acquired.
Recipe: “Lesser Ointment” acquired.
Trait: “Menu: Recipe Book” acquired.

I grin. Getting skills is way too easy! I put in points maxing out my Herbology skill.

Hester is sorting other flowers. They look very similar, yet they are different. One of them has nine petals the other eight petals. I don’t know if there are some more differences but somehow that’s the only difference that catches my eye. I look harder at the flowers.

Item: Life Clover

This flower is used for creating universal antidotes.

Item: Life Clover

This flower is used for creating universal antidotes. Something about this specimen seems off.

So the skill only gives me good intuition for handling plants. Apparently, my maxed out skills seem to be useless without the correct recipes. I continue with grinding Mara and Roka. When I finish grinding the paste briefly glows in the different colours of the rainbow. Why would it do that? Judging from me staring at the paste Hester calmly explains:

“It seems you created a high-quality version of this ointment. That would be a great thing if this wasn’t a cheap ointment for bruises. Hurry up with the other ones! If you finish today we can go to the nearest village tomorrow.”

Going to the village? I’m in! Thus I hurry up with grinding medicine.

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