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Lesson Ⅰ — Keeping up Appearances

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“I… I need to think about it.”

Should I or shouldn’t I? This is like a preloaded tutorial in a game. Those are so annoying! But skipping tutorials is bad: you might miss very important information. But then again, tutorials are quite a pain if they keep stating the obvious.

“It would be a great thing to have someone to teach me things. But an apprenticeship… waking up early is such a drag, and I do like sleeping a lot…”

Completely disregarding the situation I fall into my old habit of thinking out loud. I even talk about sleeping! Hester laughs. It sounds devious but not threatening. She sounds more like she is amused.

“That would certainly explain they reincarnated you with an Ailurantrope body!”

“Half-Ailurantrope! I insist.”

Oh, here I go again splitting hairs! I do fall back into my bad gaming habits. I should try and get information on her. It’s surprisingly hard not to stare while doing that.

Character Information: Hester Swift



  • Witch of the Divine Tree
  • Retired Heroine


  • Cooking Lv. 9
  • Forest Magic Lv. 10

“I hate tutorials, but I will accept your offer. Please be kind to me!”

“That was a quick decision! Well, that makes you an Apprentice of the Divine Tree, for now at least.”


Title: “Apprentice of the Divine Tree” acquired.

“I can see your title hasn’t changed. I won’t be asking you about your real status — that’s none of my business. But here’s your first lesson: keeping up appearances. You should set your title, public level and skills to something sensible.”

“How did you know I can do that?”

“Simple: If you can ride on your Plumel like that you must be at least level ten. Yet your public status was you were level 1. You’re not the only one that can get information.”

I set my title to Apprentice of the Divine Tree and my public level to 15. As for skills, set my public skills to Danger Sense Lv. 10, Familiar Contract Lv. 8 and Riding Lv. 6.

“Like this?”

“Those skill levels are off the charts! But then considering those are the only skills you apparently have, it’s OK. You’ll be regarded as a minor rarity, a person with inherent skills, given you’re a mixed Chitwer Ailurantrope, that’s nothing to be surprised about. But that’s it for now. We should get you and your Plumel settled in here first. I hear you named him Alfred?”

“Yes, Alfred Jodocus Plumel.”

“It has a certain ring to it. You can use the entrance area of the free for Alfred. Do you want a red scarf for him?”

“Wouldn’t that inconvenient visitors? Sure, I’ll take the scarf you if you manage to tie one around him without it falling off!”

“What visitors? It’s been years and you’ve been the first to come here since quite a while! OK, there that boy that regularly comes here for tutoring, he doesn’t count. And he certainly won’t mind. In fact, that Plumel of yours is so rare you can expect everyone to expect it to be treated way better. Anyway, since you’re my apprentice now, at least in name, people are less likely to attack you for your Plumel.”

That’s quite a nice bonus! Though I’m really interested why exactly it is that I’m safer now.

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