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1-7: I Got Mail?!

published on 2019-02-12 written by 0xReki

Sender:  Hermes <admin@olympus.pantheon>
Subject: Welcome to this world!

Dear Swift Lynx,

Since both Hebe, the guardian deity of Hebanus, and Artemis, the guardian deity of Therianthropes, are still fighting over who gets to write you this mail and this mail should have been delivered before even you woke up this morning Zeus ordered me to write you this mail instead.

Welcome to this world! I can see you have somewhat come to terms with being reincarnated. Just for your information: other people of this world don’t have this menu of yours. It is usually reserved for Gods and reincarnated people.

Have fun living in this world!


PS: Hephaestus sends you a housewarming gift. She says you should have it as a memento of your previous life.

Attached Item

So Greek gods exist in this world… It looks like they are similar to the ones from the mythology of my previous world.
Hermes works as a System Administrator. I hope the divine servers aren’t that hard to maintain. But then thinking of what I know of Greek mythology I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hera destroying the servers out of jealousy after discovering Zeus has been philandering again.

Super Secret Base… wasn’t that a feature of a popular JRPG where you tamed monsters? And I’m taming monsters in this world… It can’t be… But it’s a gift from a god! Yes, it might be! I could build a whole apartment with this! I received the item from the mail to use it. I’ll worry about what favour Hephaestus will want later. Eagerly I stand up and face the wall.


A narrow corridor appears. No sand fell to the ground. I go in to check the insides… and am immediately disappointed. There’s only one small room about the size of a small dog house.

Level:    1
EXP:      50%
Cost:     none
Cooldown: 24 hours

Creates a shelter in a cliff. The shelter is magically enhanced. The size, numbers of rooms and the strength and number of the enhancement are dependent on the skill level.

Oh dammit! Of course, it wasn’t that easy! This dog house should do for the moment. It is an improvement over my clumsy hole in the wall. Since it has finally gotten dark and I’m tired from the day I get in lie down to sleep.