Checking the Status Again: I'm So Overpowered!

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Now I do have to take a look at my status!

Character Info: Swift

Race:Chitwer Ailurantrope

Public Profile

Name:Swift Lynx




  • Hatchling Hero
  • Plumel Tamer
  • Jack of All Trades

Status +

  • Strength: 100+
  • Agility: 100+
  • Vitality: 100+
  • Dexterity: 100+
  • Intelligence: 100+
  • Luck: 100+

Automatic Distribution

Traits & Blessings

  • Adaptability
  • Limit Break
  • Menu: Basic UI
  • Menu: Glossary
  • Menu: Public Profile
  • Obsessive Learning
  • Quick Learning

Skills +

  • Danger Sense Lv. 10
  • Familiar Magic Lv. 8
  • Riding Lv. 6
  • Enhanced Health Lv. 0
  • Enhanced Mana Lv. 0
  • Enhanced Stamina Lv. 0
  • Fall Mitigation Lv. 0
  • Pain Resistance Lv. 0

I got so overpowered! This is like a new record for overpoweredness! My status values are exceeding the limit the interface can even display! And I got Status Points to spare! Since I can’t see my actual status values anyway, I guess I just have to resort to having them automatically distributed.


All Status Values exceeded 200.
Trait: Adaptability enhanced to Super-Adaptability.

Oh my… that sounds even more awesome! Though I got no idea what it means. Back to my character window: when did I get the skills Fall Mitigation and Pain Resistance? They seem to be important so I should max them as well as Enhanced Health and Enhanced Stamina. I think that’s a good choice, I hope don’t get to regret this. Even if I seem to have a limitless amount of skill points right now, I’m still worried about them running out in the future. After all, one would expect that levelling up would be harder than ever now.

“You’re quite something, Alfred.”


That sounded quite low-pitched for a bird. Alfred seems proud of himself.