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Alfred Jodocus Kuikagel

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Familiar Contract
Give the Gold Kuikagel a name: ___________
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After pondering for longer than I want to admit I decide to call it Alfred, Alfred Jodocus Kuikagel, after a famous cartoon duckling in my childhood.1 Even the the only those two have in common is the chick yellow color. My log fills with some more messages:

You have successfully forged a Familiar Contract with Alfred J. Kuikagel, a Gold Kuikagel.
A feat most exceptional!
Title: Kuikagel Tamer gained.
Skill: Familiar Magic acquired.
Gained 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 EXP.
Reached Level 416.
Gained 86,320 Skill Points.
Gained 8,820 Status Points.
Level 20 reached.
Trait: Menu: Public Profile unlocked.
Level 50 reached.
Automatic Status Distribution unlocked.
All Status Values reached 100.
Title: Jack of All Trades unlocked.
Familiar Bond with Alfred J. Kuikagel reached Level 8.
Skill: Familiar Magic levelled up to Level 8.
Skill: Riding acquired trough Familiar Bond.
Skill: Riding levelled up to 6.

Wow, that’s a lot of things to unravel here! It seems I can not only receive higher level skills by executing the action but I can also level them by practicing it! Even more: I gained 415 Levels! Just by giving Alfred some food.