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Sleepy Kitten

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1-5: A Wet Interruption Ⅱ

published on 2019-02-07 written by 0xReki

With my pink Slime on my head, I arrive at the shore. Since the blue Slime is way slower than me, I look back to see what Shower is doing. Is it still following me? Although very unlikely, it could have already left because I left the chasing range. No, it was still there!

I start undressing to take a bath. Come to think of it, I haven’t even had a look at my clothes yet: a green shirt and a pair of brown pants. Not really my clothing style — I look like a hippie! I prefer blue and black clothes! Well, still better than no clothes all, I think?

Shower arrives and continues shooting water at me. After finishing cleaning myself I proceed to splash the blue Slime with water to kill some time. Any time I think managed to land a hit it would seem the water get absorbed instead. After the time runs off I try taming again.

Another failure! So I continue splashing it with water. Eventually, the Slime stops shooting water at me.

Monster: Lesser Water Slime

  • Water Spurt

It’s not enraged anymore so I try taming it again.


Monster: Lesser Water Slime
Name:     Shower
Tamed by: Swift Lynx


  • Water Spurt

Finally, I’ve managed to tame it! It only took one hour or so to do! Well, at least my clothes could properly dry out. I was somewhat hungry. It feels like about 15:00 even if my clock in my interface said it was 18:00. Anyway, I hadn’t eaten all day.