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1-4: Gold Kuikagel

published on 2019-04-09 written by 0xReki

It’s a big spherical chick?! It’s spherical, very spherical, with wings at its sides and it’s about the height as me! It’s yellow like a stylized chicken chick. And it’s angry! It’s gotten quite close so I got nowhere to run. Out of other options, I climb the tree and observe it.

Glossary: Gold Kuikagel
While Kuikagel commonly used as mounts and pack animals are bred, this specimen grew in the wilderness…

Before I can finish reading the glossary entry the Kuikagel has already charged against the tree I’m currently stading on. I loose my balance and fall from the tree. Oww, that hurts! I can see the Kuikagel has fainted from the collision. I examine it closely and notice it has a knife in what I assume where its left wing is. Maybe this is the reason it’s so angry! I carefully remove it and get back to reading the glossary entry.

Glossary: Gold Kuikagel
While Kuikagel commonly used as mounts and pack animals are bred, this specimen grew in the wilderness. Wild Kuikagel are very hard to tame. Gold Kuikagel even more sought after. It is said they are much faster and untiring than other variants. Legend has it feeding wild Kuikagel a certain Grade 10 Meal can help with taming them.

I do remember having a Grade 10 Meal in the mail I received earlier. I take out all the items enclosed in the mail and put them into my storage. Using the Choice Box of Grade 10 Food presents me with lots of options but only one of them catches my eye:

Item: Kuikagel Meki Cake
This long lost specialty is so good, some would say it’s magic. Kuikagel and people alike are drawn to this treat.

That image just looks like a Black Forest Cake! I guess Meki is this world version of cheery. If the Kuikagel doesn’t want it. I’ll definitely eat it all by myself! So I choose the Kuikagel Meki Cake. It really does look like a Black Forest Cake. It just smells different. I help myself to slice of the cake. It’s so delicous. That combination of chocolate, cream and a hint of honeydew melon?! It may taste a bit different but yet so good! After a while, the Kuikagel wakes up. I give it a slice of the cake which it greedily devours. I give it another slice of cake and pat it gently.

Familiar Contract
This Gold Kuikagel wishes to become your familiar. Do you accept?
Yes No

This is easier than expected. I choose yes.

Familiar Contract
Give the Gold Kuikagel a name: ___________
OK Cancel

Hmm, what should I call you? I’m so uncreative with naming things.